Wandering Son

Alt title: Hourou Musuko

Vol: 15; Ch: 123
2002 - 2013
4.179 out of 5 from 620 votes
Rank #1,012
Wandering Son

Shuichi Nitori is an elementary school boy with a secret: he wishes he were a girl and likes wearing their clothes. With the right outfit and his cute, effeminate looks, he is often able to convince people that he is someone else - or even something else. Unfortunately, although his best friend and object of affection, Takatsuki, accepts him as he is, she does not return Shuichi’s feelings. Moreover, school is an unforgiving place and Shuichi walks a fine line between liberating his true self and being labeled a freak by all his peers...

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Wandering Son is a slice of life story about the confusing times teenagers find in relation to themselves and how they compare to others. What makes Wandering Son distinct is that it tackles an issue that rarely sees print - transgender issues. The two main characters both finding themselves confused about why they were not born in the opposite gender - the gender that they feel is what they should be. Where Wandering Son really shines is that it handles these issues with maturity and realism, while not pushing it down the reader's throat. There are many characters in this manga, and most of them have issues anyone can identify with. STORY - 8/10 As your typical slice of life manga, there is no overarching storyline. The reader doesn't honestly know where to story is going as they read it. Wandering Son makes use of time skips liberally. Months can pass over the space of a few chapters, while a whole volume may only take place in a week. This has good and bad points to it though, as while this allows character development to function as effectively as possible, it can lead to somewhat confusing pacing to the story. There is also the problem that sometimes it can feel like not enough chapters are devoted to a particular event in the character's lives, leaving the reader having to guess just what exactly they are thinking. ART - 10/10 Wandering Son has it's own unique art style. It creates a soft, comfortable atmosphere that lends very well to this type of manga. CHARACTERS - 10/10 Wandering Son is a character driven manga, and the characters are very well designed. The emphasis is on character development, and it feels as if the characters are in constant motion, constantly growing and changing over the course of the manga. This is of course, entirely true to how people are in the real world, especially as teenagers. OVERALL - 9/10 - Near Perfect This manga is very good, as well as being fairly unique with its subject matter and the honest means it deals with it. Other than the pacing issues, this is an exceptional read, although it does require a degree of maturity to apprechiate.  

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