Wake Up, Warrior

Alt title: Kkaeeonaseyo Yongsayeo

Ch: 47+
2020 - ?
3.715 out of 5 from 128 votes
Rank #10,239
Wake Up, Warrior

I became the warriors’ benefactor…? One day, the five heroes from the legends appeared in my front yard. The antidote I made without thinking worked?! Really? I hate saving lives, but I’ve lost the will to say no. ‘Let’s just treat them as soon as possible and let them go. ’However, the atmosphere that surrounded the warriors was very strange...

Source: MU

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When you're a cowardly, introverted sheep-hybrid with no interest in getting involved with strangers you can't trust- said strangers refusing to leave you alone is an absolute nightmare!  The main character, an alchemist who lives alone in the middle of a dangerous place, hidden away and protected by poisonous herbs that kill those who come near is tracked down one day by a man she once saved and several other men with him who need her help.   (Un)fortunately?  They refuse to take no for an answer, and patiently wait outside through rain and snow until she gives in and lets them in because she can't stand it any longer.  Thus soon begins the cohabitation of the female lead and a handful of hot, highly skilled guys because curing them completely will take years.  All while hiding from the mysterious, bad 'Empire' who wishes to locate and capture the men. It's full of comedy, but it's not great comedy.  The guys are cute, but not that cute.  The plot is interesting but not enough to keep me hooked.  I'd call it very distinctly average, except the guys act pretty cringey, the female lead is annoying, and I can't really say I enjoy this one enough to read it past chapter 5 so.  Below average.  Sidenote?  Really, the fact that the MC has fluffy sheep ears kind of bothers me too, like... they're on the sides of her head... I feel like animal-ear girls should only have ears on the top of their head?  She looks like a furry elf.  It's weird.  Mostly because they're the same tone as her skin but drawn fluffy.  It bothers meeeeee.   

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