Wagaya no Oinari-sama. (Light Novel)

Alt title: Our Home's Fox Deity (Light Novel)

Vol: 7
2004 - 2007
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Wagaya no Oinari-sama. (Light Novel)

When Noboru and Toru Takagami hear that their grandmother is dying, they rush to their late mother's hometown to visit her – however, it was all a ruse. Upon their arrival the two discover that their grandmother is alive and well, that Toru is being targeted by demons, and that Noboru is now head of the Mizuchi family. In order to save his brother, Noboru releases the family's guardian deity, a fox spirit named Kugen who was sealed away due to its mischievous behavior. The demon is defeated; but when it becomes apparent that Toru will continue to attract them, Noboru has no choice but to allow Kugen and Ko (the family's guardian maiden) to live with them. With demons, gods and increased living expenses now complicating his life, will Noboru able to cope?

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