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Wa! (Akira KOJIMA)
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Mar 8, 2015

Warning this review may contain spoilers

So wa! a webcomic written in a 4-koma style. Each page has a different story which all makes up one big comedy sketch manga. In this manga we have so much going on in comedy and romance areas but this may be quite a short review.


So the story in this manga like I said are just 4 panel comedy sketches but each entertaining in their own way. Clearly character development isn't the main aim of this story due to the fact that each part of the manga is quite different but we see the main 5 or so characters repeatedly. The sketches were very well laid out and fitted their purpose very well, that purpose being to make people laugh. However I can't help but compare it to manga such as nichijou.


Very sort of chibi drawings made to fit the manga style, quite well drawn in my opinion. The emotions on characters were very detailed for chibis and overall made this a good manga to look at.


The 4-koma sketches were based around a few characters, most of the characters you can warm to. They are very simple characters but yet you find yourself liking the way they act, to me I can relate to some characters in this story but that is probably because I am a student around the same age (at this point) or similar. 

Overall this review is way too short...I really need to improve my manga reviews, read this webcomic if you enjoy comedy 4-komas such as Nichijou. That is all to say really.


5/10 story
6/10 art
5.5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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Jan 4, 2021

Nothing outstanding about it*, but still somewhat amusing and engaging*. Mainly, it's just simple and easy to read*; a time-filler*. The best scene is the accidental eyepoke*. The third volume, the wrap-up volume, is the least interesting*.

Like* many gag manga, this one is built around taking relatively normal things to absurd levels. The premise itself is built around the completely normal idea of unreciprocated love (such as "love triangles"), but taken to the absurd level of having seven people involved instead of two or three. And instead of trying to make the relationship constellation in any way realistic (by making it messier), they portray it in an absurdly organized fashion by having the chart of unreciprocated loves form a perfect circle. They'll have some characters unashamedly express or act on odd values and other characters get flustered or embarrassed or whatever--pretty standard straight man type humor. They also have some intermedial strips with two girls (not part of the circle) who do observational comedic bits, with the classic (?) arm-swinging, and some other side characters come into play as well. Quite a few observations about language quirks--idioms and stuff.

*opinions may differ

2/10 story
2/10 art
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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