Volcanic Age

Ch: 73+
2017 - ?
4.515 out of 5 from 312 votes
Rank #150
Volcanic Age

Joo Seo-Cheon, a man who survives the age of war through sheer luck, becomes Hwasan faction's elder only to live a life full of regrets and doubts. He then lies on his death bed waiting for the inevitable when he is returned to the past…

Source: MU

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Hailboy Feb 20, 2018
Score 9.8/10

amazing story. For me it feels the void the breaker had created and it is surely one of the best murim based manhwa out there. Give it a try and you will be hooked up for sure. I strongly recommend it for anyone who likes "The Breaker". BTW, I truly wish that someone with magnanimous heart will translate the novel as well. I really want to read it. read more

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