Voice Over! Seiyu Academy

Alt title: Seiyuu Ka-!

Vol: 12; Ch: 70
2009 - 2013
4.301 out of 5 from 584 votes
Rank #1,463
Voice Over! Seiyu Academy

Hime Kino's dream is to one day perform voice acting like her hero, Sakura Aoyama, from the Lovely Blazer anime. So getting accepted to the prestigious Hiragi Academy's voice actor department is the first step in the right direction! But on her first day of class she meets Sakura's grouchy son, Senri, who tells Hime that her voice is awful and Lovely Blazers is stupid. Hime will not let that stand unchallenged. She'll show everyone that she IS a voice-acting princess, whether they like it or not!!

Source: Viz

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Story: The story for "Seiyuu Ka-!" was very unique as though there are plenty of mangas about idols, there have never been any about seiyuus(voice actors).  The story is about a girl name Kino Hime who aspires to be a seiyuu like her idol Sakura Aoyama. However her voice tends to get gravelly like a gorilla's or an old man's voice when she is under pressure, earning her the nickname Gori-Hime(gorilla princess) and sending her to the bottom of the class along with three other dropouts who become friends with Hime. It is then discovered that Hime has a special voice which she call her "prince voice". She is recruited under the condition that she acts as a BOY named Shiro and hides her true identity, except in school. Hime then meets and makes friends with many people along the way and learns that there is more to being a seiyuu than just having a great voice. Art: The art was pretty average at the beginning though it got better as the manga prgressed. The only problem was that guys look alike if they have the same hair colour.(aka Mizuki and Senri. If Mizuki didn't wear glasses, you would spend half the manga trying to guess who was who.      (^ヮ^) LOL Characters: Where do I start?  the Main character Hime was adorable as herself and as her boy counterpart, Shiro. The main guy, Kudo Senri was so cute as a boy tsundere. The rest of the cast were extremely likeable and it was impossible to hate any of them but if I did hate one it would be Mizuki.    Mizuki really annoyed me when he got overprotective of Hime/Shiro,but everything else was perfect! Overall: The manga "Seiyuu Ka-!" is definitely worth reading. The only problem was the ending seemed a bit rushed to me but all in all it was a great manga. phew. that was long but it was worth it. "Seiyuu Ka-!" Is a favorite manga of mine and I think it is a MUST READ. Though don't take my opinion for it, go check it out yourself!!


• I rly love this manga. :DDD So i might be biased. OH WELL~ • Btw if ur too lazy to read, u can just skip to 'Overall' part. -.- Story: Its a very unique story about seiyuus (voice actors) in training!!! The main character is a girl named Hime Kino, who wants to be a seiyuu becuase she was inspired by a person named Sakura Aoyama. But the problem is, she really sounds like a gorilla or an old geezer when shes under pressure, and ends up in the lowest class possible (but she makes some friends). After that it seems Hime has a talent for voice acting, and becomes a seiyuu as a guy and a penname, Shiro! I havent seen a story about seiyuus anywhere before so i was really excited about this. I love this story enough said!!! It shows the hardships of seiyuuing and its genderbender! Art: If youve seen Minami Maki's other series Special A, you know the art is pretty average. But artists get better over time, and yeah, Seiyuu Ka's art got better!! Hime-chan is super duper cute but the guys look alike if they have same hair color lol. I like Tsukino art too!! Characters: OMG Hime-chan is adorable~~ Shes a kinda tomboy and reall full of energy and determination!! It makes me wanna be like her cuz she doesnt give up :D. Senri is probably the main guy here, along w/ Mizuki, maybe Shuuma? Well heres quick description of Mizuki + Shuuma. Mizuki- gentle, serious?, sorta protective?. Shuuma- short fuse, nice when he needs to be. Senri!!! Is so cute!!!! Hes a guy tsundereeeeee!!!! YAY. In others, the girl is always the tsundere, and it gets so annoying. i love Senri as much as Hime!!!!! He starts as a 'cold' guy but lately hes super adorable and kind. He has a bad-ish past too. Btw, Hime-chan's best friend is Tsukino and shes a softspoken kind little girl with a nice voice! I think the characters are really a hugeeee part of Seiyuu Ka-!!! I dont exactly hate any1 comepletly and all the characters are pretty unique, in my opinion. Overall~~~ Well personally, I absolutely looooove this manga, and i go 'KYAAAA' every time a chapter comes out!!! Yaaay!!! (⌒ヮ ⌒) Umm theres little bits of romance here and there!! I like those parts alot. Well, overall, its about making dreams come true, and gender bender, and tiny bit romance. + Seiyuus!!! This is actually rated 5/5 in my list (´▽`) Its really great. Go read. Now!!!

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