Vinland Saga

Vol: 21+; Ch: 160+
2005 - ?
4.496 out of 5 from 1,746 votes
Rank #200
Vinland Saga

Ten years ago, a strong warrior named Thors lost his life in a fight with Askeladd - a powerful and ruthless Viking. Having witnessed his demise, Thors’ son, Thorfinn, became consumed by hatred and vowed to exact revenge on his father’s killer in an honorable duel. With nowhere to go, Thorfinn was recruited onto Askeladd’s ship and began working with the crew as they pillage settlements and trick naive armies. Now, the young boy spends his days honing his battle skills while carrying out Askeladd’s bidding in order to earn his reward of a duel with the vicious captain. But despite having failed in all his bouts with the man he despises so much, will the day ever come when Thorfinn can finally defeat Askeladd and lay his father’s memory to rest?

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thor123's avatar
thor123 Nov 5, 2015
Score 9.2/10

Note: because I didn't want to spoil any big things, this review may or may not be a bit weird in the middle. Sorry for that. Vinland Saga is an epic tale written by Makoto Yukimura, whom you might know from the manga (or the anime adaption) Planetes.  The premise of Vinland Saga, however, will remind lots of people of ... read more

PowerUpOrDie's avatar
PowerUpOrDie Oct 1, 2015
Score 10/10

[Slightly Edited From My MAL Review]
"God's divine creation is so brimming with love... and yet there is no love in the hearts of men." -Canute Philosophical brooding, barbarous violence, political intrigue, and the stubborn refusal of hope to roll over and die no matter how dark the age- all in a beautifully drawn package. Makoto Yukimura delievers a prime example of the heights sequential art... read more

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