Vindicating the Villain

Alt titles: Fanpai Xi Bai Dafa, Please No Cure For Me

Ch: 54+
2022 - ?
3.87 out of 5 from 12 votes
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Vindicating the Villain

"Transmigration" "Villain" Gayan was a villain whose task was to sharpen the male leads, molding them into the suitable protagonists. However, the protagonists he encountered had various quirks, and none of them showed the slightest desire to aim high. They remained indifferent even when Gayan walked all over them. Gayan had no choice but to change his approach. He worked tirelessly to gain the protagonists' trust and affection, only to betray them afterward. Gayan plotted various schemes such as stabbing the protagonists, trapping them, and more. As expected, the protagonists grew and became supreme heroes clad with immense powers. Gayan was very satisfied as none of them could take revenge on him. He would then move on to the next world upon completing his quest as a villain. All was well until the day Gayan completed every last quest. It was then the system spoke to him, “Your quest will only be deemed completed when you’ve returned to every single world you had ever set foot on and survive for a decade.” Gayan turned quiet before saying, “Run that by me again,” to which the system replied, “You are to return to every single world you’ve completed quests and stay alive for ten years.” Gayan, "&#¥#¥#!"

Source: Bilibili Comics

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