Villains Behind the Curtains

Alt title: Heungmagui Mokjureul Nochyeobeoryeotda

Ch: 71+
2021 - ?
3.548 out of 5 from 491 votes
Rank #27,087
Villains Behind the Curtains

She has long lashes, radiant crimson eyes, and silver hair like an angel’s... but she’s no angel—she’s the villainess Syriana Malforte... and I’ve been isekaied into her body! The House of Malforte has many gifted mages, but none at the level of Duke Azester. My evil mother brainwashed him into falling in love with me, and I coldly used him until his final breath. But with this second chance, I vow to set him free and return him to a sound state of mind. But how? And my heart aches to know… will Az still love me once he’s free?

Source: Tapas

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Don't be tricked into reading this based on the synopsis and cover lmao.  Okay so, it's not bad bad. But it's also not worth wasting a lot of time for.  Plot Uhhh....It's sorta interesting. But also kind of confusing. For whatever reason, the author only focuses on the FL's family and the ML. There's little to no interference from anybody else within the story world which is quite odd. And it gives the impression that everything is very one sided and unrealistic. I would also argue that the plot isn't well constructed because even after 40 chapters....I'm not entirely sure where the author wants to go with it. Characters Characters I ranked as a 6 out of 10 but quite honestly, now that I think about it again, it might just be a 5.  Reasons: 1. FL is a strangely indecisive woman. Despite all that she's gone through, she is still as clueless as ever and quite the boring lead. The knowledge she had of the "first" life she lived doesn't really change anything she does now and I would say that she's not using said knowledge efficiently.  2. The FL's family is entirely, absolutely, terribly, not endearing or even COOL at all! It kinda gives off the vibes of Roxana's family [from the manhwa, Roxana, AKA The way to save the female lead's older brother] but it's not cool or cruel enough.  3.  The ML is boring. After all the brainwashing and stuff I suppose I can't blame him but like....yeah I blame this on the author lol Conclusion You can totally read this on your spare time if you're bored. I wouldn't say this manhwa is so bad that it'd rot your brains but it's obviously not something that would give you some sort of great revelation either. Anyway, that's all. Oh and also, just saying that it MIGHT get better past chapter 40 because that's when the brainwashing starts to go away but I probably won't stick around to find out. 

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