Villain Duke's Precious One (Novel)

Alt titles: Akdang Daegongnimui Gwihadigwihan Yeodongsaeng (Novel), The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke (Novel)

Ch: 181
4.161 out of 5 from 57 votes
Rank #6,718
Villain Duke's Precious One (Novel)

Reborn as a sister of a villain with no blood or tears in a war-fiction novel. Anyway, that guy, who plays ‘my brother’ role, is a villain who will be sealed by the Main Lead after losing the war. So I just need to pretend to be his little sister until he disappears. No, at least that’s how I think... ‘Something in your right hand, is that the main lead’s head?’ My brother won the war. “What’s with the suitcase?” “Yes?” At the tip of Dietrich’s long finger, there was a package that I had wrapped up as soon as he left for the battlefield. “I asked what it is.” “It’s, It’s a travel bag, brother.” “Travel? Alone?” Dietrich’s dark eyes glistened. The man who had just returned from victory had a strange smell of blood from murder.

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