Ch: 89
2018 - 2020
3.936 out of 5 from 765 votes
Rank #5,655

From a young age, Haemin has always been stimulated by pretty things. Back then, it was the luster of a new toy or a classmate’s slender hands. Now, it’s his sunbae’s beautiful face. Now that he’s in college, his gaze is drawn to Youngwon: the most popular and downright gorgeous guy in school. Afraid to approach him, he photographs Youngwon from afar, the pictures he takes feeding his secret fantasies. But when Youngwon finds out, Haemin is forced to face the object of his desires. Before he knows it, those secret fantasies start becoming a whole lot more real…

Source: Lezhin

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Ok hunty I get some BL stories like having several side couples if they're going down the long chapters route but the secondary pair is uncalled for. It's called "viewfinder" & yet the second couple gets an official ending while the main first just somehow gets tossed aside without a closed conclusion. It's disappointing I'm afraid to say. They shoud just make it a separate series if they're going to cram another love story in there.  The plot is generic, the bit that UNREALISTICALLY STOOD OUT for me was Haemin's one-month growth spurt. He went from being a bottom-looking timid boy to a freaking top with an evolved buffed bod *say whaaat*. The artist might be the one pressured into drawing Haemin with a ripped brawn befitting of a top. Look, I'm all for these men subverting these roles by defeating the superficial aspects of it BUT Haemin didn't just buff up overnight his drastic personality change made him into a different person too... and when we knew that Young was a bottom his top-ish personality diminished into a rather passive one after his confessions to Haemin after 40 fucking chapters of playing around with his feelings. Young could be a power bottom and Haemin could be a coy top for the long run they dun need to fit into traditional seme + uke standards a lil change of pace is refreshing for the readers too hun.  As for Young's ex.... that lil shit could bring some drama but he was cast aside to "the forgotten side characters list" sadly. And Dongha's a replica of Young in terms of their air and nature.... eg. Confusing their partner by their vague advances. *snoooores*

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