Vol: 7; Ch: 36
2006 - 2013
4.149 out of 5 from 581 votes
Rank #3,590

Charley is a cyborg vampire who’d rather drink the blood of his maker, the sexy Johnny, than sin and drink the blood of humans. He also despises his kind, hunting vampires for the Vatican. However, soon the duo gets word of something called Vassalord, something that the gruff detective Craig Bernstein is also investigating. Can they discover the truth behind the mystery before more lives are lost?

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Plot: Charley is a cyborg-vampire-hybrid priest and a vampire hunter, yet instead of drinking the blood of humans, he decided to only drink that of his master, Johnny.  Johnny is a wealthy playboy vampire who allows Charley to drink his blood as his main source of food, but he also likes to mess around with Charley a lot, calling him "Cherry" because he's a virgin.  Charley goes on a mission to find out about a mysterious new drug called Vassalord that has been causing havoc.  Charley likes to do things by the book (probably because he's part robot) and gets easily annoyed by his master's crazy antics.  Adventure ensues as together they must take down the Italian mafia, as well as a few other enemies, in order to solve the case.        Opinion: This was my first time ever reading a josei manga, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I thought it was going to just be smut, but when I started reading the first chapters, I was somewhat surprised.  The artwork was very beautiful and the story, although sometimes clichéd (because, let's face it, vampire romance stories are somewhat overdone), was actually pretty good.  The story moved along at a decent pace and had a good amount of action, drama, and comedy mixed in.  I think that the love-hate relationship between the two protagonists (Charley and Johnny) was fun.  Often the romance was one-sided and broken up with comedy.  Even though it is a josei, I liked that it wasn't all about them wanting to have sex, unless Johnny's taunting counts... otherwise, it wasn't pornographic in any way: any graphic scenes were drawn very tastefully.  Overall, I thought that it was a good story with good characters and beautiful artwork.

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