Vanguard of Fencing

Alt titles: Jing Jian Zhi Feng, Sword Edge

Ch: 101
2021 - 2023
4.056 out of 5 from 65 votes
Rank #2,474
Vanguard of Fencing

After attaining the title of fencing champion at the Olympics, Chris died in a car accident. At the funeral, Lin Yifei found out about the feelings Chris had never revealed before. As Lin Yifei realizes the regrets Chris had before he died, he unexpectedly returned back to his childhood?! Since he had the chance to relive his life, Lin Yifei chose to accompany Chris on his journey to attaining that prestigious throne once again!

Source: Bilibili Comics

Includes 1 extra chapter.

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MAY INCLUDE SPOILERS. this story started out and i was already lost. it was all too sudden and i didn't know what had happened. there were multiple questions running through my head as i was reading this: - DOES THE MC NOT REMEMBER MAJOR POINTS OF HIS PREVIOUS LIFE? like, if he was able to remember and was close enought to chris in his past life to know where he went to middle school and elementary etc, could he not put two and two together and figure out that chris's mom was gonna die? or that time when his father was "hurt" or something and it was another guy? like he has cheat codes and is straight up stupid to use that knowledge. which leads to another point of mine; - THIS GUY HAD ALL THE PROFESSIONAL PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE OF HIS PREVIOUS LIFE BUT STILL MANAGED TO STAY IN ONE PLACE WHEN IT CAME TO HIS PHYSICAL ABILITIES. if he had used all that he wouldn't have to worry not being able to even "see his back", meaning at one point he was afraid chris at the time 14 or something would become better than him which is pathetic. WHICH also leads me to another point; - WHY WAS HE A 22-year-old ADULT IN AN 11-YEAR-OLD'S BODY FALLING AND BLUSHING BECAUSE OF CHRIS AT THE AGE OF 11??????????? AND I AM NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT THE REST OF THE TIMES. yes, later on he was being more conscious of that but still, was a bit weird. - WHILE WE'RE ON THE SIGNS OF PEDOPHILIA, that kevin guy gave me the creeps. HE WAS SIMPING OVER A 14-YEAR-OLD WHILE BEING 18. SIDE EYEEEEEEE!!! and also while we're giving side eyes,  - GIRL, ELIZABETH, THAT'S YO COUSIN. now to the story itelf: (mind, i read this with the shittiest translation and some moments made absolutely zero sense as much as i didn't try to understand. also, some moments were made unbearably worse because of the translation, i wish i had bleach) - it was so confusing at times probably because of the translation, but the flow of the story annoyed me. it was jumping all over the place especially towards the end. i hate time jumps and this just triggered my nerves. it was roughly drafted. - storyline was basically nonexistent. i didn't know what the mc was trying to achieve at one point. - we had a few flashback which weren't really enough for me. i wish they explained their personas from the past lives so we could understand the decisions made in the current one. because there was a spark of a very different personality of the mc in one or two very short flashbacks.  - IT ENDED SO ABRUPTLY. like???? that was all? how do you manage to create 101 chapters for me to still be unable to understand what the point of all this was? again, this could be the translation problem. but i personally, didn't get a satisfying ending for the side characters or the main characters' career. to sum it up, mediocre, a bit below average even. wasn't really a waste of time but kinda was. i don't know if you know what i mean but, anyway, i'll leave you to it.

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