Vampire Taboo

Alt title: Bloody Taboo

Ch: 90+
2018 - ?
3.683 out of 5 from 163 votes
Rank #8,994
Vampire Taboo

Mysophobic college senior Eugene isn't exactly thrilled with his internship job. He's the PA of the handsome, self-absorbed celebrity Deacon; a man whose presence Eugene finds irritating at best and a walking germ factory at worst - particularly when Deacon barfs on him from several hundred feet up in the air during a bungee jumping incident. But Deacon is more than just a popular actor with a vomit-inducing fear of heights; he's also a vampire with a bizarre problem: Whenever he drinks human blood, he turns into a hamster! And Eugene discovers the only way to turn him back is with... a kiss?!

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