Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror

Alt titles: The Spiral, Uzumaki

Vol: 3; Ch: 20
1998 - 1999
4.235 out of 5 from 2,590 votes
Rank #1,676
Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror

In the seemingly-normal small Japanese town of Kurozu-cho, odd events are beginning to take place. Residents are becoming obsessed with spiral - whirlwinds, snail shells, pottery, or anything with a spiral design. But when strange events start happening in the town, with spirals appearing in disturbing places, can anyone escape their horrible draw? 

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ThePatches's avatar
ThePatches Oct 12, 2009
Score 8.5/10

Story 7.5/10Now, I haven't read all that much manga in comparison to the anime I've watched, but I love horror in all its forms. On sothis' recommendation, I picked up Uzumaki and could not stop until I reached the grim, grim end. One of the delicious differences between Japanese and American tales of this type is the pervasion of atmosphere so integral to the Asian concepts of fear, and Junji Itou brings it in... read more

Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Oct 27, 2012
Score 8/10

Story: I will never look at spirals the same way again, and never did after reading this. Or snails. Or hospitals. Quite frankly, this is some disturbing shit. It doesn't simply create a shock scare or two, you see it gradually going to shit, the transformations of the spiral, the horror that is right there infront of you. It doesn't shirk on that front and that just makes it even more... read more



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