Vol: 6; Ch: 50
2016 - 2017
3.86 out of 5 from 236 votes
Rank #12,357

As a child, Princess Taira Chiyo escaped from being captured by the Minamoto army due to the the sacrifice of her mother. Now at the age of 15, she travels the land searching immortality. Following the rumors about an immortal named Kijin-sama, Chiyo actually finds him! But all he wants is to die?

Source: MU

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Ah man, was I hyped for this series when I first read the first chapters of Uratarou when I was in college last year. Taking elements from Berserk and Inuyasha, I think Uratarou was one of the newer seinen series of that year that got my attention, since I was reading Billy Bat but that's another topic for another day. Without further ado, let the review for Uratarou begin! Story- The story begins with Chiyo running from the Taira army, in hopes of finding immortality. Before long she meets Uratarou surrounded by an old tree, much like one of the scenes from Inuyasha. After an encounter with a monster and a plea from Chiyo's guardian and a bit more time after that Uratarou decides to join Chiyo on her journey, either to find a way to die permanently or to kill time. But over time Chiyo is revealed to have a significant influence over the storyline and it doesn't take long for romance to bloom between Uratarou and Chiyo. The demon race play a role in the story and its depressing how tragedy follows Chiyo and Uratarou. But I feel like its handled well, so well in how it ended that I think fans of Uratarou will be pleased. Art- Atsushi sensei has a very interesting artstyle when it comes to portraying the emotions of the characters. Its sort of cartoony but at the same time it feels distinct. The romance, happiness, fear, rage and the expressions of craziness are all shown. All those moments that Uratarou looked like a badass all exist thanks to the author. Characters- I like how over time Chiyo and Uratarou are placed at parts where they are forced to make choices that they normally wouldn't make, such as choosing to live or coming to terms with how they always think, like SPOILER when Uratarou comes to face the fact that he's been acting like Chiyo in an attempt to live, contrary to how he usually acts. Its interesting to see a character like that, the type of writing you see in a seinen series. Overall- I love the Japanese mythology and the Berserk stylized violence. But I feel like one of the biggest reasons why I think Uratarou does well as a series is because it sticks with the main plot of the story, and avoids drawing out the parts of the story for too long, much like the pacing in Black Clover. Of course sometimes the newer characters may get neglected because of this but I think this is an issue the author can easily fix. Unfortunately the series got the ax at some point either because a side character wasn't getting developed or the pacing didn't feel right later on which I don't believe. There was the plot line with the demon king that didn't get resolved which had me curious but I don't think it affected the ending too much. The main plot with Uratarou and Chiyo is resolved well and strong, although prepare for it to be depressing. All and all I can recommend Uratarou to readers, since I believe Uratarou to be Atsushi's best work. Prepare for the feels!  

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