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Vol: 29; Ch: 192
2013 - 2022
3.978 out of 5 from 1,248 votes
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Negi Springfield, the boy wizard of the hit manga Negima!, fought and won many battles. Now it is decades later and Negi's grandson(!), a little boy name Touta, dreams of leaving his quiet village and heading to the City. But first he must defeat his teacher … the immortal vampire, Evangeline!

Source: Kodansha

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Where to start? I picked this manga up about a year ago, when CR first added manga. I only had about 30 chapters up then, and it was one of maybe 15 other series. This one is one of two that I still read, and one of one, that I would trade my soul to get animated. This isn't a very official review, and I'm probably exaggerating beyond normal human capacity, but in my honest opinion, this manga should be as popular as Naruto. The main storyline is actually different for once, no "I'll be the Hokage", or "I'll be the king of the pirates" In fact, I really have no good idea where the story is headed right now, and I don't want it to get there any time soon. The story starts off with a boy name Touta, who lost his memory, and was taken in be a beautiful woman by the name of Yukihime, who turns out not to be who Touta thinks she is. Although, most of that changes quite a bit throughout the story. I won't say any more, as that would be a spoiler. Now to sum up why I like it. Unique characters, with proper developement, and complicated relationships. Interesting story, which actually requires you to think once or twice. Intense fights The entire universe it's based in is unlike any I've ever seen. Time travel?? Nice art style. Harder than you think to come up with a list of reasons why you love something. Regardless, The story is well-written, the art style is easy to look at, and the characters are written magnificently. I don't use that word often. P.s. The reason I give the art an 8, is because if it's working on the same scale as the others, it can't be a 10. It's simply not as good.


This manga starts pretty well, quickly establishing the world, main characters, and story. I was hooked from chapter one and when the story evolved quickly into exploring immortality I was engaged 100%. It's a nice concept filled with interesting topics and the story does it justice.  There is a lot to this manga so I will just quickly summarize the points I liked and disliked. - Fanservice makes sense and practically never bothered me. Yes, when your torso gets blown up and you regenerate without a shirt, who would have thought? Yes, there is quite a lot of it, but this art is not really that erotic for me to be bothered. (though be warn later in the manga it gets more explicit though still censored of course)   - Technically there is gore, but yet again the art makes it not as distracting. Not trying to say it's bad, but it's not as impactful, which also doesn't affect the story as the characters are mostly immortal. (This might be a bit too subjective on my part, there were definitely places with quit ea lot of blood and gore) - Creative ways to rise tensions, stakes etc which cannot be simply death. - For once I enjoy the main character, his backstory also makes him more believable. The stakes are high right from the beginning. - In my opinion, few characters only joined to fill the harem trope, but knowing the author they will be useful at some point. There is much less of them then in the Negima? - Now, this is a sequel/spin off for Negima!? which was a series I enjoyed, but wasn't as amazing as this one. Thankfully though the author took the good parts of his writing and explored the world in much more interesting direction. That said, there were parts where he heavily relied on the story from Negima!? and it felt like it pushed the actual story to the background for too many chapters. That said later I came to like it, it felt nice and right in to the theme of the story. -It is possible to read without reading Negima, without spoiling I cannot tell you how will it affect your experience, but it will trust me. I started reading without noticing it was a spin off (because before that I dropped Negima after first ep) but noticed it later on. UPDATE I finished the story and I have to say that the ending was amazing. The story got so mature I was surprised and the actual solution was pretty sweet too. The complete ending was fairly bitter sweet but that is to be expected in this kind of story. 

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