Unromantic Romance

Ch: 64
2020 - 2021
4.289 out of 5 from 1,344 votes
Rank #394
Unromantic Romance

In a world where Omegas rule supreme, it’s tough being an Alpha. But Hyeon-oh’s been able to lead a decent, if a little boring, life so far and it seems like things'll stay that way. He’ll graduate from university, get a job as a reporter, meet an Omega who’ll take care of him, start a family with them and live happily ever after. The perfect romance. The kind of romance that starts when you ask the bartender to make a drink for the only other person in the bar. Little does Hyeon-oh know how that innocent gesture will pull him headfirst into the most unromantic of situations...

Source: Lezhin

Includes 10 side story chapters.

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The author had a good idea in mind but failed to execute it. I loved how the entire omegaverse hiarchy was reversed but man, the author just reversed the roles but the toxicity was there. Basically, the alpha is the omega and the omega is the alpha. Lol. (Thoigh the way they reproduce is the same ). 1) RAPE- no one addresses this but the omega does rape the alpha on their first encounter. The entire matter was brushed off, in fact the site I read this one, the comments literally said," It's fine since the alpha got raped and not the omega." Like wth dude?! It was rape  and the idiotic alpha (just the way bottoms behave in other comics ) falls in love with the omega after that.  2) TOXIC TOXIC TOXIC AND EMBARRASSING- even though they changed the plot a bit  the toxicity remained. Man the omega is plain toxic. There's nothing else to his character, he's good looking and TOXIC and treats the alpha like garbage. The alpha in return is an idiot. Yupp. He is naive, stupid, unprofessional and immature. Literally after meeting the omega for the first time, he stsrtd behaving as if they are a couple. I mean, man I would be disgusted by a person like that personally. He behaves so embarrassingly that I almost felt that the omega took pity on him. 3) SHALLOW CHARACTERS AND UNFINISHED IDEAS- so, the alpha and the omega are just two characters there. There is absolutely no depth to their character. Passion or anything. It's just them seeing each other, tje sex and then the relationship fiasco. They literally ha e nothing else than that. Also, throughout the comic you'll see stuff happening but then, they are just cut off and it's back to focusing on the main characters. Like, huh?? Overall, I had high expectations from it but man i was disappointed.  It's the cliche story except replace the top and bottom.  The only redeemable part of this was when the omega gets pregnant. That's tje part i liked the most apart from that I pretty much found the entire thing a headache. (It's kinda like surge towards you just worse.)

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