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Oct 25, 2019

Honestly when I was thinking about reading this I thought it was just going to be an ok Webtoon but I absolutely adored every piece of the characters and story. While the story had a somewhat slow start once John first used his powers you began to see his decline. He refused to use his powers at all until he was betrayed again and he snapped. After he first used his powers more and more issues began to occur. Also every single character was incredibly well done and while you may begin to like characters no one is a pure good character. John with his attack against the royals, Arlo caused John to snap after betraying his kindness and attacking him and then ignored the issues for a while, Sera and her previous neglect/uncaring for the weaker students to the point of not even remembering a classmate, Heck even Claire who hasn't even shown up in anything other than flash backs has was a well thought character and played a large role with her betrayal and also causing John to refuse to use his powers until Arlo made him snap. The characters are amazing the story is amazing and I can't wait for Season 2 in late November. This was truly amazing thank you Uru-chan for making this.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jan 30, 2020

i dont get all the fan fair about this webton. This story could be some much better if it didnt dwaddle on repetative conversations between characters over the same shit. Becasue of this the stories progression is at a snails pace. it has sooooooooo many long conversations about the same thing over an over again. it also has all these multiple threw stories which they just start, then leave to the wayside which the author hasnt touch back on for 30 chapters or more. It reminds me of a webtoon version of an MTV/ CW supernatural show.

6/10 story
5/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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May 8, 2020

I read up until chapter 126 so I think I have a good understanding of how the manwha goes. You know what's really my main pet peeve with this show? the mc. I don't even know where to start. I'm even more shocked at the number of people seemingly loving this but hey you do you people.

Storywise I think it's pretty decent. It's in a school setting with kids having superpowers added to the usual bullying and there you have it. Although I must say the bullying here is just way over the top. I know the "strong prey over the weak, survival of the fittest" bull already but that doesn't justify it at all. You just feel like evey interaction is made to establish the fact that it's just a bullying school. Yeah the title of this manwha should be "Bullying : The school" or "The art of bullying". Moving on to the plot I see absolutely nothing here. If there is no clear guidance of where the story is going after a hundred chapter then you've done a really bad job. There will be tons of subplots with supposedly intringuing premises but all of that just for the sake of drama and fake shock factor.

Characters... oh boy is there a looot to say. I don't wanna spoil anything so I won't even go into each and every one of them. I'll just focus on what seems to be the main protagonist and probably spoil a little bit so beware. John. Remember this name cause you'll learn to loathe it. At the beginning you feel sympathy for him because he's the victim of constant bullying. He gets beaten up left and right and is so weak that he can't do anything about it. Or can he? He's the epitome of badly written character. The author tried to justify his behavior under the guise of some kind of fake deep psychological thingy but it doesn't work on people with a brain. He's one of the fakest, lamest MC known to history !

I simply hate him, I hate his face, his guts his everything. He's so unlikable as a character. And the funny thing is you WILL love him in the beginning, yes you will. This will then slowly turn into pity, disgust and anger. I suspect he's just a sadistic villain pretending to be the mc, there's no other explanation. You'll get those redeemable moment where you're like "finally the mc is acting like he should!" just for the author to make him return to the shi**y person he is 2 chapters later.

The art is okay so I'll give it an overal score of 2 for trying to be something and managing to gather that many sheeps fans.

If I were to resume this webtoon it's just an emotional roller coaster and obviously people fell prey to it. Read at your own risk.

2/10 story
5/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Apr 16, 2020

the other reviews.. i feel the need to defend this manga/webtoon so here i go.  There are spoilers but literally all the other ones also have spoilers


In my point of view, this story can be broken down in two parts

Boy lives in a world where people have powers.  Obviously there is a huge rift between the high tiers and the low tiers.  So our MC is called John, who is apparently crippled (as in he has no powers).  He befriends a high tier, called seraphina.  Basically, at first, its about a cripple trying to survive such an unfair world.  

I feel that this webtoon expresses it very realistically, there will awlays be a hierachy when one person is better than others, whether through riches, status or, in this example, powers.  As he tries to survive, he has to deal with everything.  

I personally really loved that, the idea of someone having to survive in a harsh and cruel world with a bunch of assholes  asslos surrounding him.  Story premise is very unique.

The second part

We find out that John is actually REALLY powerful.  He got expelled for beating about half his class up.  He wanted to change, but because of some events, he reverts back to his old self.  This is where the reviewers got angry.  The MC becomes a villain, while the antoganist starts becoming the "good guy".  Everyone is triggered that John is being stupid and should wake up, but he can't.  He clearly has some mental issues that need proffessional help.  So he cannot see reasons like we can.  This is extremly realistic.  Not to mention he is traumatized.  Personally the story gets even more interesting this way.

This gives room for character evoluation for Arlo, Remi, Blyke and other high tiers.  This could put an end to the so called perfect hierchy.  This is a guess, but i think most people went into this story wanting a laid back simple high school drama.  This is clearly something diffrent.  So to enjoy this story, you have to read it with the mindste that it is NOT a high school drama, it is about the unfairness of the society they live in.


I have seen many people complain how bad the art is and i am geniunly confused.  it is beautiful.  The colour palettes compliments the drawings.  If you really do find the art sloppy, than just keep reading and ignore the art and eventually you will be used to it.  It isn't much of a sacrafic considering you will get a gift of a beautiful story.


This webtoon has the single best character change throughout the story.

I think one of the most notable character evoluation is Arlo.  A huge Asslo to John, trying to keep the hierchy perfect.  We, as readers, learn to empathize with him when we remember the world he lives in.  Arlo also wakes up and realises that he had made some BIG mistakes in his methods and proceeds to try and fix it.  

I think people don't like this because in a more stereotypical story, the antagonist will alwyas remain the antagonist.  Again, this isn't a normal basic storyline.  

John.  The main problem everyone has.  Used to be a cute cinnamonbun but now is a psycho.  Some people are angry since they got so connected with this character, only to have him turn a 360.  This alone proves how good this story is.  Not every story can make you love a character this much.  


In the end, it is an opinion.  But what i don't want is for new readers to be put off by all the bad reviews on Unordinary.  It is a good one, i promise.  PLease try to read it.  I assume now that you have read all teh reviews, you know what is in store for you so please just try.   

9/10 story
7/10 art
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Aug 11, 2018

This manhua is good, smilar to 'weak to strong' genre. Mc joins a school of elites where students all abilities (fire,shock ....) where Mc has no abilities and bullied down by other's.This the story of a bullied mc  live through all his problems.Story also some romance here and there. 

===Spolier Alert==

The Main theme of this story  is the 'Mc with hidden ability', Where mc is seen as weak and fragile (no ability) at first . Mc Hide his ability, so that he won't hurt other's using his abilities since due to his ability people he trusted, betrayed him. he will get beaten up badly so that he doesn't want use his power. But even thought using his ability he was able fight back using his abilities.

9/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall