Unlucky Mansion

Ch: 73
2016 - 2018
4.179 out of 5 from 327 votes
Rank #1,069
Unlucky Mansion

Kang Eon Ju loses both her house and job at the same time. When she discovers a working position at a mansion, she immediately grabs the chance! How will her life as a live-in caretaker in a mansion play out?

Source: MU

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I have finished all 72 chapters( I couldn't find the 73rd one, but it's a special chapters so anyways..) and I feel this review helps. When I started reading this work, I was intrigued by the art... It was chaotic but realistic as well. This story is divided into 3 seasons(I think chapters 1-20, 21-44, 45-73), and in every new season the art has improved, i.e. it has become bolder... And the realistic touch was always there. And I liked the aspect that MCs need not be made deliberately good-looking for a work to thrive. However, there is a gloomy wibe(that's what the story demanded) in the art, which gave me mixed feelings as well. So I would rate the art to be 9/10. The main part, the story. It has been set on a mature and practical environment where the characters come to live in a common place (lucky mansion) and each were leading very different lives. I can give some key words for the story -start-up, fashion designing, disease, novel writing, hoarding, job-search, mature romance. Some of the situations and scenarioes were so unique that I never had read that in any kind of story. Also the male MC has a brother which plays a major role in around last 20 chapters, so that's a heads-up for emotional hits. The story itself felt flawless, but the last 3-4 chapters had translation errors( However I was able to fill the gaps). So considering all these things, my rating for story is 9/10. Coming to the characters, most of the major characters were introduced pretty early in the story, so you would not have to mull over about character names later. There are enough number of characters so I was never bored with the story throughout the chapters. And depth of the characters and growth of their relationships reflects in their conversations which were bare(no sugar-coatings). I would definitely rate characters as 10/10. [Reviewed at chapter 72]

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