Unluckily Lucky

Alt title: Yeoghagjeog Haengun Bojonui Beopchik

Ch: 56
2019 - 2020
3.986 out of 5 from 478 votes
Rank #4,374
Unluckily Lucky

What will happen when the luckiest and unluckiest boy alive meet and try switching their lucks?!

Source: Toomics

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WOAH this cute manhwa took a dark turn like a complete TURN emotions wise. It got really depressing when the truth surfaced between these unlucky-lucky duo.... I do enjoy the concept and thought it to be merely a fluffy shonen-ai but schiit it had to unexpectedly hit me with their depressing backgrounds.  Jasper has been unlucky his whole life yet that didn't stop him from keeping up a positive outlook which is what I like about him, even so being all sunny didn't get him anywhere he ended up being a pushover for those who think he's putting on an act to have Miley (his gal pal for over a decade) worry for him. He doesnt fight back since he thought his unluckiness is always to blame for everything. Hart, a lucky chap who's his complete opposite is, like I said, LUCKY. If wealth & success still doesn't make a man happy the same applies to Hart's luck too, it's not just their fates that are polar opposites, their personalities are as well. Hart's an aloof depressed fella who lives his life everyday seeing his luck as cursed, his depression stemmed from an unfortunate childhood accident which... spreads to more mental disorders from that moment on. After knowing an unlucky fella named Jasper is at school they ended up relying on each other to even out their "lucks", and the reason behind their inexplicable "luck" phenomenon will melt your dang kokoro... The side characters are also fleshed out equally, only off bit was the ending which happened all too sudden, the other thing they didn't clear up on was Jasper's different surname. 

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