Unlovable Replacement

Ch: 102+
2019 - ?
3.966 out of 5 from 552 votes
Rank #4,924
Unlovable Replacement

When his relationship went down the drain, Chiko Dyer started to develop a weird relationship with a local delivery girl.

Source: Webtoon

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reviewed at chapter 49 may contain spoilers  this is basically the epitome of young/new-adult romance! it's light, suave, chill and fun (mixed with all the flirtings and hot moments). the story mostly revolves about how the ml (chiko) and fl (nobi) finds solace and comfort in each other. it also showcase how the two of them overcome misunderstandings by having PROPER COMMUNICATION and being DIRECT WITH THEIR FEELINGS (bravo, bravo, bravo!! 🙌) though the story's mood overalll is light, the topic discussed (which mostly contains the protagonists' hardship) are niced too, and they are also seasonal (if that's the term; well basically it fits today's generation); some parts will make you think "oh that's a good point" meanwhile some will make you say "what they did is not bad, kinda b*tchy though (assh*le move)". really, it's just nice. now for the art~~ I so love how the characters are designed (they are hot) they really shows how the characters' expressions change, also, I don't normally say this but, the fact that the characters actually have a decent outfit change and they just don't recycle the same 2-3 fits for the whole season is refreshing. additionally, although the romance is unrealistic at some point at the same time it's also realistic (denominator is, you just need the right partner ^—<), but the rest of the plot are really realistic for me; debts, power play, money talks, family issues, really, it's just the common problem you'll encounter in college/university students (young adults) which is an additional charm for me. overall, this is 100% recommended!!! really hope you can enjoy reading this as much as I did. ^~^ — bye :))      

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