Unintentional Love Story - Custom lists

Alt title: Biuidojeok Yeonaedam

Unintentional Love Story
  • Hatsukoi ni wa Kanawanai!
  • Hana to Usagi
  • BJ Alex
  • Between the Stars
  • A Perfect Day for a Kitty in Heat

BL Stories With Side Couples by BAMBOLEO

Manga/Manhwa/Manhuas (bl) with side couples (this is mostly a reminder for me to not read these again, as I have an unfathomable disdain towards side couples….some of these I do love and reread often though)

  • Murderous Lewellyn’s Candlelit Dinner
  • Moritat
  • Interview with a Murderer (Queensa)
  • Hotel Phryne
  • Friends at First

10 Shounen Ai (BL) Manga/Manhwa/Manhua Recommendations by LevisToothbrush

These are some of my favourite completed shounen ai (BL) stories, ranging from dark and psychological to light-hearted and wholesome.

  • Bring A Wolf Home
  • Boss, Bxtch, Baby!
  • A Rose Colored Life
  • Ambiguous Relationship
  • 1K no Ou-sama

He Got Money - Rich Character/ Rich Family BL by KinaSenpai

»» ✦ «« Includes a variety of: Rich Character, Rich Family, Young Master, Chaebol, Rich x Poor BL »» ✦ «« This list is a selection of recommendations for this theme. The theme is usually a main focus or secondary...

  • 30 Days with a Frivolous Guy
  • 27-ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite
  • 24-jikan Eigyouchuu
  • 3-manen no Kareshi
  • 1/2 Cigarette

Getting Down To Business - Salaryman/ Businessman BL by KinaSenpai

»» ✦ «« Includes a variety of: Salaryman, Businessman, Salesman, CEO, Office Worker BL. One or both of the main characters have this profession. »» ✦ «« This list is a selection of recommendations for this theme. The...

  • Beautiful You
  • Awkward Silence
  • A Painter Behind the Curtain
  • Alcohole Communication
  • Adeiro Yuugi

The Art Of Love - Mangaka/ Artist/ Painter BL by KinaSenpai

»» ✦ «« Includes a variety of: Mangaka, comic artist, illustrator, artist, painting, pottery, sculpting, art school, art club BL »» ✦ «« This list is a selection of recommendations for this theme. The theme is...

  • Anata to Taberu Shiawase wo: Maki to Hanazawa
  • Ameagari no Bokura ni Tsuite
  • A Man of the Land
  • Alice-san Chi no Iroribata
  • A Capricious Cat and a Shy Lion

Love Stories with Pets by AnnaSartin

Do you love romance stories where one or more of the main leads have (or take care of) pets? No, the pets don't talk, magically transform, or become the protagonist's love interest. They are just ordinary cats, dogs, bunnies...

  • Bokutachi wa Mada Aoku
  • Aisaretagari no Anti-romance
  • Ai Ou Futari
  • 4-gatsu no Tokyo wa...
  • 3LDK, Ouji Tsuki

Greenest Flags Semes (Consent Ftw) by Leddie

Semes that are loving, caring and respectful. My favorite husbandos.

  • A Bride's Story
  • Abarenbo Honey
  • 2019 Rookie Short Stories: Hell Camp
  • 19 Days
  • 10 Years That I Loved You the Most

Manga Sweet as Honey by Bloom19

Manga Just as Sweet as a Big Fluffy Teddy Bear! Age and Social Gap, Boss-Employee and Senpai-Kouhai Relationship, Butlers and Maids, Childcare, Childhood Friends and Promise, Crossdressing, Gender Bender, Secret Child and Single...

  • Ao ni Naku
  • A Lucky Coin
  • All About Lust
  • Again (Gongtae)
  • After We Gazed at the Starry Sky

BL Comics with Good Storylines by bluebear1

This is a collection of bl comics that I enjoyed reading and think have good and enjoyable storylines. The storylines of these comics are funny, heartwarming, realistic, and uplifting. There is only a moderate and needed amount...

  • Classmates
  • Cherry Blossoms After Winter
  • Behind the Desks
  • Angel Buddy
  • All About Lust

Wholesome BL Recommendations by kkimczyra

Fluffy BL stories that will make you go "Oh, my God, I'll read this again" and makes you squeal because it's so bloody cute!