Under the Cherry Blossoms (Tsurumi NISHI)

Alt title: Hana naru Mono

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
2010 - 2013
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Under the Cherry Blossoms (Tsurumi NISHI)

A beautiful dog has thrown the imperial palace into chaos. As the Heian period nears its end, Takasaki - whose lowly beginnings as the mere third son of a warrior family put him at a disadvantage in a society obsessed with rank and titles - has managed to climb the social ladder by spending the night with many a powerful man. Eventually Takasaki even becomes a favorite of the retired emperor himself. Stares of fear and envy have followed the gorgeous upstart at every turn, yet behind the gaze of Tomozane, the son of a powerful noble, lies a calm warmth, which makes Takasaki uncomfortable. But something happens that will change their relationship forever... 

Source: Renta!

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