Under Observation: My First Loves and I

Ch: 51
2018 - 2019
4.314 out of 5 from 588 votes
Rank #3,147
Under Observation: My First Loves and I

Junhee's a pushover and has somehow managed to lend out all his money. He finally finds a great part-time gig, but it's only for women! In serious need of the cash, he dresses up as a girl only to discover the job he's just applied for is a clinical trial on a libido pill for women. Not only is he locked in for a week with five other (ahem, horny) women, they're all women from his high school! How long before everyone discovers he's not a she?

Source: Lezhin

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The setting is unrealistic in how neat and structured all of the encounters are, but for the most part it's still works alright as long as you just suspend your disbelief and accept it for what it is. The problem actually comes about in the final few encounters, because the story starts trying to wrap things up and make sense out out of this unrealistic situation. There's a lot of tearing up and, if I remember correctly, I think all of the encounters involve bleeding from the breaking of the hymen (which I found to be a slightly gross emphasis on the virginity of these girls). The artwork is glossy and sexually enticing for the most part. There are different fetishes and kinks involved with each of the girls and that helps keep things a bit more fresh, though I definitely didn't appreciate the yandere encounter. There are five encounters: Hanna (ch. 1-6), Laura (ch. 7-13), Doyoon (ch. 14-26), Dasom (ch. 27-39), and Younghee (ch. 40-51). Each encounter starts from them taking aphrodisiac pills, losing their inhibitions, and often with some forcefulness and rape (before eventually transitioning into more consensual fucking). They all include flashbacks to when the girls had interacted with and had sorta romantic encounters with Junhee in high school, and what Junhee had done to mess up the situations with each of the girls back in the day. The flashbacks are definitely what makes this story worth reading. I think my favorite encounter, and the one that tugged on my heartstrings the most with the flashback, is probably the one with Hanna.

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