Under Grand Hotel

Alt title: Under (xGround) Grand Hotel

Vol: 3; Ch: 21
2003 - 2005
4.163 out of 5 from 476 votes
Rank #6,154
Under Grand Hotel

Sen Owari, a student from Japan, is studying at Columbia University. During his stay in the US, he has an affair with his professor... later to be discovered by her husband! Sen confronts him and, leading to a fight, shoots and kills him! Now convicted of murder, Sen is sentenced to serve 80 years in prison at “Under Grand Hotel” (UGH). The only imprisoned Asian boy in the institution, he’s an outcast, vulnerable and alone. When he approaches Swordfish, a prison gang leader, to get protection, Swordfish seizes the opportunity and claims Sen as his “personal property.”

Source: 801 Media

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Tired of shouta? gender bender? and those same girly uke's and stereotypical seme's? Under grand hotel is as close as you can get to hard hitting reality. I give this manga a 10/10 for everything. i stayed up for a whole night from start to finish and it was worth it!!! it took me a minute to get started on it because i'm not used to getting straight into sexually explcit manga so fast. those scenes will make you steamy but remember this is hard hitting reality. as you read on the intensity never stops rising. here you'll see what actaully happens in jail turned into something of an inspiring story. You'd think when you are put in jail that's it for your game of life. however the characters in this story makes me believe and give them hope and a second chance at life. The story was extremely well put. You have your epilogue/prologue and small side story. after you read the first volume one would think it was over but in the next two volumes many climaxes rise. read this manga to find out the thrilling heart wrenching struggles sword fish and sen owari have to face in under ground hotel. this is one intense manga you would not want to skip. ^_^ p.s. on my response to this manga personally I feel for one scene. what that bastard Travis mutou does to sword fish still makes my heart twist around. This manga has brung tears to my eyes and awakened my inner desire for an islander with cerulean eyes. It's nice to break away from the stereotypical yaoi manga's, and this is the one to read for more satisfaction! ^_^

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