Uncovering The Silveri Secret

Vol: 1
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Uncovering The Silveri Secret

Abandoned by her mother and raised by her wealthy but distant father, Arabella Haverton had a lonely childhood. It only got more lonely when Bella’s father took in the young delinquent Eduardo and raised him as his heir. Eduardo was Bella’s first love, the man she shared her first kiss with when she was only sixteen…but he didn’t return her feelings. It’s been years since then, and now Bella is returning to her hometown to fulfill a very strange clause in her father’s will. Eduardo has been given control of Bella’s inheritance, and he shows nothing but contempt for Bella. He is now a successful entrepreneur, and it’s his job to teach Bella how to manage her finances. According to the will, in order for Bella to receive her inheritance, she must live with Eduardo…for the next six months!

Source: Harlequin

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