Umi no Misaki

Vol: 15; Ch: 127
2007 - 2014
3.952 out of 5 from 800 votes
Rank #5,393
Umi no Misaki

Nagi Gotou has travelled to the southern island of Okitsushima, and ventures out to see Umi no Misaki, a striking cape jutting out into the ocean. But when he arrives, he finds that there is much more to this cape than a wondrous view. There is something peculiar about the cape, and about the island's inhabitants.

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There we are, umi no misaki, one of the best romance manga ever written. Open polygamy, god tier characters development, excellent original and mysterious story. The story is based on the believes and the mythology of the island. It makes everything refreshing and realistic. In this manga, you wont have the cliche plots of slice of life romance and harem. The story is serious, mature, well paced, cute and to enhance everything, there is a LITTLE touch of drama on the last chapters. I can only say this much to avoid spoiling the interesting story. The characters is the point where I can put everything. MC is not tense, he's open about his feelings, carefree and he's not stupid. He's the opposite of the MC that you can see in almost every shounen romance without being the perfect tall, handsome, muscular and mysterious cliche man found in shoujo. He's very realistic. Shizuku is joyful and smart. She's probably the first girl to fall in love with MC. She's the most attached girl to the believes of the island. There is so much to say but it will be spoiling her character development. Karin, the neighboor of the MC, she's one of the best tsundere I have ever seen. She started being the classical tsundere but the author didnt stretch everything for 100 chapters. She IS NOT the stupid tsundere that will punch MC during 100 chapters. She will quickly fall in love and become adorable, that is the good word. She's the least attached girl to the believes of the island (the total opposite of Shizuku on this point). Soyogi, like Karin, starts the story as a cliche girl from harem. She's the cold type that only thinks about her duties ans she practices kendo. She has, obviously, no fucking clue about relationship and it will leads to an extraordinary character development with the growth of her love. Once again there is soo much to say but it would spoil the story... The secondary characters are just necesary. No useless garbage characters added to fill the world. The only useless characters here are rare and present only in 2 panels maximum. The teacher will push MC during his relationship with girl and will give "external" tips to MC. By external, I mean that she's from abroad like MC, she has not been raised with the island's believes. She will be of a great help throughout the story and at the end. Rinne, Karin's sister will always root for the MC. She's bound with the story (no explanation because it would spoil) and she will give a great help at the end because of her knowledge (knowledge bound with the story, when reading you will understand) Keiko, teacher's friend. She appears far in the manga so I wont say much about her but she will HUGELY improve the character development of MC and his feelings and she will hugely improve Shizuku's development. Overall, this story is probably the best romance I have even read. It's a real mature seinen and not a fake seinen with shounen features like you can find many. It's the best character development I have ever seen, all the girls are litteraly as enjoyable and likable. The romance plot is truly a lesson, 99% of the authors that write harem should learn from umi no misaki. The story is constantly good and straight. The word "useless" is not on author's vocabulary. No useless characters, no useless chapters, no useless drama, no useless filler. It's a must read.


God, I want to say I love Umi no Misaki, and there's so much to praise about it, but the things it does that irk me are just too oppressive and deeply-rooted to ignore, hence the score. This is an ecchi harem comedy manga with decently humanized characters, a male lead so nice you totally understand him attracting attention, consent, mostly focused on the womens' lives, consent, an actual harem (as in poly) in a harem comedy... the list goes on. The only problem is that it's being written by an ecchi harem mangaka, and holy crap does it not allow you to forget this. Constant creepshots. Boobs, panties, butts, feet... the list also goes on, and it's around where they start doing butt shots with the the looks-underaged-but-acts-like-she's-fifty teacher (not involved in the harem, thank god) that I start to get genuinely annoyed with it. To make a distinction, I mean shots where characters aren't doing anything sexual, they're just existing, and it's not meant to be from Nagi's perspective because he's asleep, or whatever. And then the mangaka decided to draw their ass taking up half the panel while they're talking about childhood trauma. I wish said shots were restrained to when the characters were getting horny, in which case they would become what I would praise as 'great erotic atmosphere, 10/10'. But as it stands, they're just constant, annoying, and sometimes genuinely gross.The romance writing is really good! The moments are cute, mostly consensual, focused on the characters' feelings (including sexy feelings), everyone's actions make sense for their characterization. But again, it's an ecchi harem, so the pacing is glacial and this one isn't even a long one by those standards, or so I'm told? I wouldn't know, because I hail from the land of LGBTQ+ manga, where a story is either 600+ chapters and the romance doesn't go anywhere, or six chapters for when it does. While the laid-back pacing is fitting for the mood it's trying to invoke with the pacific island theming, I found trying to read a lot of it at once to be a draining experience. Not enough is happening to hold my attention, and at the point of the story where I'm at (67 chapters at time of writing), all of the girls are in their honeymoon period, where they mostly care about wanting to kiss the boy all the time and gushing about 'the dragon god!', which mutes their distinctive personalities more and makes it feel more like a typical brainless ecchi comedy.Overall, it seems good? Not my favorite style of story, but I didn't hate it. Most of the writing is really good, it just feels dragged down by all the other baggage it has inherited from its genre (or publisher... Young Animal is brain-off horny boy central).

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