Umi no Kanaria (Light Novel)

Vol: 1+
2019 - ?
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Umi no Kanaria (Light Novel)

Summer, closed off from the outside. It was here where we lived. The girl who lived nearby, Jougasaki was one who lived off her whims. This morning, she invited me to go to the sea to look at whales and I obliged. 11-years old her and 17-years old me, but this isn’t love, I think. If only this peaceful wednesday could continue on forever—. Summer morning, after waking up, I stand before the mirror as I arranged my thoughts as always. “Umino Yuki, 17-years old, sex: female, Class 2-C, both parents healthy—” I brush aside the hair covering my face and shift from me to her. I check that today was wednesday. Now, time to try my best for another three days—. Then Jougasaki declared, “I want to destroy this world. In this closed-off seaside streets, I met her today once again.


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