Ultra Maniac

Vol: 5; Ch: 25
2002 - 2004
3.909 out of 5 from 599 votes
Rank #12,521
Ultra Maniac

As one of the most popular girls in school, Ayu Tateishi is always concerned with her public image. However, she gets more than she bargains for when she helps a new student, Nina Sakura, retrieve a lost item. Nina is actually a witch from the magic kingdom, and the lost item was her electronic spell book. Intent on repaying her kindness, Nina decides that she can trust Ayu with her magical secret and offers to grant any wish she makes. Unfortunately, even though Nina's heart is in the right place, her skills are somewhat lacking. So when Nina temporarily turns her into a guy, gives her a ring that electrocutes any boy who touches her, and messes up a love potion, Ayu begins to regret ever picking the spell book up. Will Ayu's reputation and love life be able to survive their friendship, and will Nina ever improve her skills enough to return home?

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Ultra Maniac is about a magical witch named Nina who comes to Earth to study abroad because she has failed witch school at her home in the Magic Kingdom. (Not Disneyland/world by the way!) Nina meets Ayu, a girl with a reputation for being 'calm and cool' after Ayu helps her find a missing mini PC that aids her in using magic. Ayu has a crush on a popular boy at her school named Kaji Tetsushi. This manga centers around crushes and romance with Nina's magic powers adding an element of comedy to the mix. ArtThe art in Ultra Maniac is very fitting for the genre. Its all very cute and stylish and very appealing. The artwork of the series was actually my favourite part of it considering it doesn't have a deep plot or intriguing characters. Most of the characters were all very distinct from one another. My only complaint is that two main characters, Kaji and Yuta, looked very similar at times. CharactersThe characters in Ultra Maniac were a somewhat low point. The girls seemed all very much alike. The best moment of the manga came at the last few chapters. They all seemed to gain a little bit more depth towards the end. Another thing I noticed is some characters weren't very consistent. Hiroki seemed weird to me because at the beginning he was somewhat standoffish and he seemed sort of serious. But later on he acts easygoing and he actually becomes my favourite male character. StoryThis story turned out much better than I thought it would. At first it just seemed like a generic shoujo comedy story. At the beginning there was lots of comedy and very little storyline. The middle was full of romance and dating. The end had some conflict and sad moments added in. This story is all about friendship, accepting others for who they are, and staying true to your friends. ConclusionIf you like shoujo and you want something that is a fairly short and light read, check out Ultra Maniac. Its a cute story with cute artwork and isn't just all fluff. 

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