Ultra Heaven

Vol: 3
2001 - 2009
4.255 out of 5 from 64 votes
Rank #1,877
Ultra Heaven

Ever since the Pharmaceutics Law passed, everyone in the country has unlimited access to a dizzying array of mind and mood-altering drugs. A shot of Slumberine helps you sleep, and any emotion you can imagine is just a pump away. Even vacations can be replaced with shots: take one dose, and your mind is bathed in a relaxing hot springs experience. Amidst all this drug-addled merriment is Kabu, a world-weary twenty-something man, with nothing to do but chase his next big high. But one day, after running out of P, his drug of choice, he experiments with a new super-drug, Ultra Heaven, which completely re-writes his sense of reality and changes his life forever...

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