Ultra Heaven

Vol: 3
2001 - 2009
4.209 out of 5 from 52 votes
Rank #2,052
Ultra Heaven

Ever since the Pharmaceutics Law passed, everyone in the country has unlimited access to a dizzying array of mind and mood-altering drugs. A shot of Slumberine helps you sleep, and any emotion you can imagine is just a pump away. Even vacations can be replaced with shots: take one dose, and your mind is bathed in a relaxing hot springs experience. Amidst all this drug-addled merriment is Kabu, a world-weary twenty-something man, with nothing to do but chase his next big high. But one day, after running out of P, his drug of choice, he experiments with a new super-drug, Ultra Heaven, which completely re-writes his sense of reality and changes his life forever...

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desigga Apr 22, 2018
Score 9.5/10

If you want to know like what tripping on psychedelics is like(well a bit lot exergerrated)... you have to read this manga. 
This is a piece that connects drugs, spirituality and reality. Many hindu philosophy and neurological science reference. The author knows what he is writting about and connects dots very well. An awesome read. read more



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