Ch: 200
2017 - 2020
4.272 out of 5 from 28 votes
Rank #1,739

Long ago, the world was in chaos until the Ultimiter appeared. Now, everyone lives happily… Except for Savior Gu. Can Savior overcome his past, and emerge as the new Ultimiter?!

Source: Toomics

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Very generic shounen webtoon (manga? manhwa?), prety much the same thing as Hero Academia but with less of the over the top drama and more straight forward, meaning more action and less hero idealization BS. I'm pretty sure most won't agree with me but I like this one a bit more too. Story-wise, it's just a kid with behavioural issues that goes around picking fights with everyone and gets thrown into a "school" where people have to beat the crap out of each other and pretty much everyone is as messed up as him. He makes some friends, make a team and aims for the top, yada yada. Really, something I've seen 15 times at least so nothing special, maybe there is an "after school" arc later and the plot changes, can't say. As for chars, MC is annoying as hell, specially at the start but even so I prefer him to any of the 2 mains of HA, at least after 40 or so chapters he's less of a loose cannon that rams his head into a wall at every turn, so there is some development. The other guys are not bad, Piro is cute (which is a pity, if he was a girl it would have been better imo) but his char development is shallow, and the second team member (so far) is quite interesting, heavy past story with a nice and justified development. Enemies are all over the place, from the dumb ones there for the comedy to the annoying and crazy powerful ones, hate a few and most are just meh, a few are interesting. Dialogues on the other hand are as expected quite basic. Other than that, the art is not great but it's good and the fights' flow are easy to follow. Pace is quite fast and there is always something going, mostly fights. So, overall, this is a no-brainer story with lots of action and probably nothing in it will be wither fresh nor will there be a surprising twist, just like most shounen mangas.

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