Ultimate Scheming System

Alt title: Zui Qiang Fan Taolu Xitong

Ch: 634
2018 - 2022
4.048 out of 5 from 1,262 votes
Rank #9,482
Ultimate Scheming System

I backhand giving you a scheme, sweeping the invincible hand in the immortal world, just ask is there anyone else? Fronting is like the wind; always by my side! The front road is long; and only fronting may be my friend! Life and death are bearish; ! "Young people, when I started the routine, you are still wearing open pants!" Xu Que is on the road of scheming, not every day, or on the way to the scheme!

Source: Qidian

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An unoriginal cultivation + transmigration + game system manhwa. You get the MC that is somehow incarnated in an unfortunate guy with a tragic past, he gets a mysterious game system skill which essentially lets him level without doing much and cheat in all the usual ways and off he goes on a path of vengeance.On the good side, the "vengeance for a guy I never knew" plot is strengthened by more significant reasons later. The MC is not an amoral piece of sh*t. The cheat system can qualify for explaining all the ridiculous and otherwise illogical power ups and leveling speed.On the bad, its unoriginal, everything is just too easy for the MC and there has been no real plot twists so far, so slightly boring.Still, only 40 something chapters have been translated so it's too soon to tell but at least it has no glaring flaws aside the boring part. Edit:The MC is becoming progressively more of an insufferable arrogant idiot. It's no longer funny, he acted bossy to gain points at the beginning, now he's all "This empress doesn't bow to me, who does she think she is!" and crap like that. Changed vote 6 > 5 And further ahead he doesn't even have to do crap to gain points, complains his unlimited powers are too expensive, becomes incredibly talented in many areas for no reason (reading a book on poetry doesn't make you a poet...), does whatever he pleases, kills masters as if they were children, takes modern bulldozers a cranes out of nowhere and such BS (he pilots the 1st one, and the rest? auto-pilot?) and so on... boring as hell story, MC with mega plot armor, riddled with Exmachina events plus boring cheat system. 5 > 3

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