Two-Faced Princess

Ch: 40+
2021 - ?
3.801 out of 5 from 84 votes
Rank #14,122
Two-Faced Princess

Six engagements, six breakups. The princess' fiancés always have an affair with her maids! “I don’t want to marry a prince, I want to live with you, Father.” “How useless. Leave!” Apolonia, a princess who is known to be weak and stupid. However, she has a hidden side to her... “Because the throne is not easily obtained, my father spent 10 years trying to kill my mother and the Emperor.” Apolonia grinned, while her red eyes shone brightly. Usurping the throne. Her goal was clear and she never shook. 'I want to live with my father... To be precise, I want to live where my father sits. Just wait, Father. Your daughter is on her way... to get back everything that was stolen from her.'

Source: MU

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