Twin Spica

Alt title: Futatsu no Spica

Vol: 16; Ch: 89
2000 - 2009
4.044 out of 5 from 120 votes
Rank #2,816
Twin Spica

When Asumi was just a baby, Japan's first manned space rocket, the Lion, malfunctioned and crashed into her hometown of Yuigahama. The impact killed many of the townspeople and critically wounded the girl's mother, who lay in a coma for several years before passing away, having never regained consciousness. With the help and friendship of Lion-san, a mask-wearing ghost who claims to have come from the rocket, Asumi grew up focusing on her dream – to someday travel to space. Now a young adult, she is determined to beat the odds and attend the newly-formed Tokyo National Space School to achieve her lifelong goal. Alongside Lion-san's guidance and several new, dear friends, Asumi will try her hardest to touch the stars.

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Story: The story is set in the near future of 2024, where a group of teenagers dreaming of becoming astronauts and became the first students of the new Japan space program. The space program is created by the Japanese government following the tragedy that befalls on them upon launching their first Japan manned-man rocket "THE LION". When one of the rocket boosters explodes sending The Lion crashing down killing all the astronauts onboard as well as the spectators who came to witnessed the launched. At first glance, Twin Spica might seem one of those mangas that give you fluttery feels and hopes but it doesn't shy away from the heavy stuff. Asumi and each of her classmates and even people she knows outside of school have their own personal reasons of wanting to become astronauts or even just being on the same field, such as engineering. Art: Despite the manga being set in 2024, the settings shown in the story will give you nostalgia such as the shops, crossroads and festivals being the way they are now, and especially now we are close to that timeline it seems more realistic. To put it simply, it is not too futuristic with flying cars and such. But hey! at least they were spared from fidget spinners Characters: Now, for a story plot like this, we would see the typical boy dreamer with a strong personality to accept all challenges with females as their support. But Twin Spica gave us Asumi. Asumi is a small petite girl dreaming of becoming an astronaut despite all the stacks against her like what happened to her mother and what her father was involved with, she follows through with the boys supporting her. It is also one of those Japanese mangas that don't sexualize the female characters for fanservice. which is very refreshing to see and tbh it reminds me of Kemono no Sonja Erin (to my opinion is a very wonderful awesome anime but is very underrated) Overall: Unlike Planetes, Twin Spica deals more into the depiction of astronauts to be. The plot is not so uncommon in recent years. Also, unlike other outer space manga that mainly focuses on extraordinary characters with extraordinary powers like St&rs (which tbh is another space manga I loved but the ending was rushed). Twin Spica manga is compelling and more groundbreaking in real life (much like the latest space manga Space Brothers). Twin Spica is definitely a must read space manga. For it to get 9.5 overall is due to one part of the story close to ending but not near it, I saw it coming but it wasn't prepared.  And a warning Twin Spica composes a grand wealth of emotive and thus shouldn't be consumed in public places.

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