Tsukushi Tagari na Uchi no Yome ni Tsuite Derete mo Ii ka?

Alt title: Can I Be Loving Towards My Wife Who Wants to Do All Kinds of Things?

Vol: 3; Ch: 33
2021 - 2022
3.85 out of 5 from 87 votes
Rank #9,646
Tsukushi Tagari na Uchi no Yome ni Tsuite Derete mo Ii ka?

There's the flower of Takamine which every boy admires, Hanae Riko. Than, there's the plain boy who got proposed to by that most beautiful girl in school, Niiyama Minato. Without knowing what's happening, the curtains on these two's newlywed life rises! For some reason, my bride who's too cute and happily follows me around everywhere refuses to leave my side...

Source: MU

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Short romantic series with the trope of two highschoolers being married. I had no problem with the reasoning for the marriage [1], but the execution didn’t make much sense imho. It has typical dense male protagonist trope. Even if excused by his experience, I wasn’t thrilled about that. The fact it persists throughout the series until the finale was excruciating. The ending was too weak and short. After all that I would expect more. One a positive note the girl is very sweet, which manages to stir good feels in reader. The romantic atmosphere is decent. Visually I like the main character design in contrast side characters feel bit neglected. It utilizes no face for you unless necessary approach. It surprisingly works as the focus is on the two main characters and handful of side characters. On the other hand, when the mangaka does draw the characters, they look good. School uniforms with actual pattern on them stand out in my mind in particular. Still, I can’t give for that reason very high points for the art. Overall reading was enjoyable, except the end, which felt underwhelming. There are better series in the genre, but I have no regrets reading this. This review is written after reading all volumes. Japanese difficulty 5/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores) It’s seinen without furigana on all words except typical name introduction. The text volume oscillates between low and above average. Density is normal. It didn’t require great effort to go through the text. It has no overly difficult words nor expressions as far as I can remember. Spoilers [1] Note that, the girl used the stated reason as excuse. Her true motive was the fact she was in love with him already.

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