Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Vol: 28; Ch: 233
2003 - 2009
4.169 out of 5 from 3,096 votes
Rank #1,115
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

The power to cross over dimensions is one that is deeply coveted -- a lesson that childhood friends Sakura and Syaoran learn the hard way when an unknown enemy attacks an archaeological dig in their country.  As a result, Sakura's memories are scattered to different dimensions, causing her to fall into a deep sleep.  In order to save Sakura's life, she and Syaoran must journey to various worlds in search of her memories, with the help of fellow travelers, Fai and Kurogane.  But finding Sakura's memories won't be easy, and the price for traveling through time and space is high...

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This by far is probably one of the best mangas out there that I have ever read. I have never been hooked on a manga for so long and still kept buying the next volume as soon as it came out without taking stopping ever 5 volumes. If you have ever read any of CLAMP's other works you'll sure to be able to enjoy this one. Story: I have to give it a ten. It's original and fresh. This is the very first manga I have ever read that the story takes place in many different places. The plot seems to be never ending because they have to find Sakura's feathers. But that is what I like about it because I really would hate to see the end of such a great manga. Art: I give the art a 9. Clamp just has a way with their drawings that I find very unique. It reminds me a little of a duo tema of an amateur and an expert workinbg together. But that's what gives Tsubasa it's charm. Character: Another 9. I love how we meet new and old characters that are originally from other Clamp works. The main characters fits right in to this story. I would have not chosen any of the other of Clamp characters to play the main roles. Enjoyment: I give this a 10. It has plenty of humor. There is no end to just how funny this manga can be. I just get the biggest kick out of Fai-san and Mokona. And the cliffhangers leave you wondering about the next chapter or volume which leaves much for you to think about what would happen in the next volume. Overall: Overall, it is a 10. Everything ties in just perfectly. The never ending supply of cliffhangers and humor. Also plenty of characters to meet and see. You can not but help to pick up this manga and read it over and over again


Intro...Syaoran and Sakura live in Clow Country, a world of sand with mysterious ruins within.  A chance event within causing Sakura to loose her memories in the form of feathers and they are scattered over many different worlds.  Syaoran travel with the aid of Kurogane and Fai to these other worlds in order to find the memories and return them to Sakura.Story: 10I must admit that having not read any of CLAMPS works, I must have been at a disadvantage.  In fact, only have watched Chobits was the furthest that I've ever got.  However, even without this, the story of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles is one that is exceptionally well woven together.  To describe it would be something that only CLAMP could have pulled off.  The process of travelling from one world to another is not entirely a new thing, but to have those worlds feature characters from the many other series that CLAMP have written is in itself the genius heart of the series.  The plot unfolds in a brilliantly logical manner and draws you forver more into the lives of the characters, all the while building the suspense until the final showdown.  And yet when it does come, it delivers and more.  Fantastic series for anyone to read, even if you haven't read any of their other works.Art: 9.5To describe the art in the series can be easily summed up in a single word: CLAMP.  Yes, I know that's cheating, but CLAMP are phenominal in their artwork and Tsubasa is no exception to the rule.  Everything from the worlds to the characters and fight scene are draw with such fine detail that you believe in the story.  As good as the art is and despite it the quality being maintained throughout the series, some of the action scenes are just a tad confusing to follow.  Not that this make a massive impact, but this is a reason as to why it gets a 9.5 from me.Characters:10Do we want character development? Answer...yes.  Does Tsubasa give us character development?  Answer...by the bucketload.  Tsubasa is one of those few mangas out there were literally everything revolves around the characters in the series, building upon what we know and revealing more and more about both their pasts and their futures.  The series creates a fantastic balance of giving us what we need to know and what we want to know.  The fact that they can call upon the many other series that CLAMP have used for their character inspiration is well excuted.  Anything other than a 10 for this would be criminal and I'm not going to break the law. Overall: 10Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles is perhaps one of the greatest mangas out theres.  Yes its not easy to plow through the 233 chapters without taking breaks, but if you do need a break, they cleverly slid these in when they move between worlds.  A series which is certainly unique in that it not only borrows, but steals from other manga and seemlessly incorperates them into the storyline with a solid reason that just not there for them to do cameos and leave the next scene.  The underlying plot, characters and worlds that makes up this series creates an impression on you; one which leaves you wanting to know more about what comes next and which other worlds do they visit.  Its a shame that it ended, but one that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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