Trinity Blood

Vol: 21; Ch: 83
2003 - 2018
4.158 out of 5 from 533 votes
Rank #2,475
Trinity Blood

In a dark and distant future, Armageddon has given rise to the fabled Second Moon - and a perpetual war between the vampires and the humans!Esther is a nun in the city of Istavan.  When she crosses paths with Abel Nightroad, a priest sent from the Vatican to combat the local order of vampires, the two form a holy alliance to battle the most evil of threats.  

Source: Viz

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atticusblackwolf Feb 28, 2010
Score 8/10

If you watched the anime, I'd suggust you should read the manga. The storyline and plot are so much better. The ending of the anime left me sititng there thinking.....what just happened? This is another one of my favorite mangas. It  has a cute style and the charactors are so much better. You learn more about them and some of them are much more developed.The art style is very pretty and has alot... read more

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