Trick or Treat (Bulgamja)

Ch: 6
3.483 out of 5 from 100 votes
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Trick or Treat (Bulgamja)

Shi-hyuk truly had it all. He was good-looking and could get any woman he wanted. But all that changed when one night, he just couldn’t get it up! What’s going on down there?! Defeated, all Shi-hyuk can do is take his L for now. But then, at home, something strange has begun to happen. A weird sensation has started to come over him, like somebody is aggressively touching his junk…! Visibly aroused, Shi-hyuk can’t let his roommate, Hyunwoo, see him in such a vulnerable state. But wait, could it be? Those trick-or-treaters last Halloween… Was their “trick” a hex?!

Source: Lezhin

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