Trap City

Ch: 34
2018 - 2019
4.151 out of 5 from 191 votes
Rank #3,244
Trap City

Trap City, a crime city in which the first, second, and third thing you must beware of is people. Noah Humphrey stole away the boss' money and ran away with it amidst an inconspicuous war between the two greatest groups in the city. Will he live as a toy for the boss Kahliya, or as a bait for the boss Rex, leaders of the rivaling groups? A love story blooms during a critical situation in which you have to do anything in order to survive!

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Trap City is an very intersting story about abuse and gang violence all while finding love and learning that you need to adapt to change.  I feel like that can be me over doing it and is sounds more like me giving a review to an classic piece of work. I think Trap City works on a lot of levels and the things that stuck out to me the most are just how I came to find this. For me I was looking for some bl manga or webtoons with some badass Uke that's literally the tag I had to use to find anything. On my search on of the first one to catch my eye was Trap City. On the bais of if Noah is indeed a badass I would have to say of course. But I feel like not in a way like the main from like madman combo aka Assorted Wildness. But the things Noah does is truly amazing the story starts off with Noah stealing all of his boyfriend money and running off. Due to the abuse and drugs his ex put in his body Noah ends up collapsing and being saved by a kind, handsome and just so happen to be rich stranger who is the only alive heir and leader of the Noah's ex rival gang. Named Rex. (It really be like that sometimes) To me that is kinda the extend of Noah being a badass. he manages to steal from Rex and sneak out and eventually make a deal with him so he wouldn't be hunted down and found by his ex and possibliy killed, you know. But to me Noah is a character that would do anything if it means not dying because he has things people to live for. He will do anything to keep that from happening it's amazing how much he values life when he's from a twisted city. So arguably Noah just keeping himself alive regardless if it's through things like seduction is amazing. It just to me at the end of the day he didn't have any real figting skills and with this whole thing being about gangs that sure comes in handy. He doesn't get in harms way a lot it just defeats the purpose of Noah being a badass when he's either locked up in a room for protection or the few times he leaves just to show the reader how great he is at escaping and handling himself. To be clear i'm not saying that things like seduation to stay alive isn't badass, it's just he didn't do much of either becuase the only person he seduce was Rex to get where he was but it only truly worked because Rex recongized Noah. So in a story taged under badass and the only thing the badass can do is seduce people and kinda slip of dangerous situations,  he only seduce his love interset and get's away from his ex and love interst at the begginging. He manages to leave again which is cool but still it just devalues he skills in compasion.  Rex and Noah Rex and Noah are great because Noah can't trust people and his last boyfriend litterly druged him. He justs wants to go somewhere and be free. Free of relationships and the dark twisted life he has in this dark twisted city. While Rex can give Noah a way to forget about money problems and a safe place to stay. A place where he can like he belongs and loved. Its a win win scenario. While Rex wants nothing more than to spend his life with Noah becuase he met him when he was younger and just really fell head over heels also because he just wants to keep him safe.  Rex Rex was eh he was kinda frusating like most semi. I feel like Rex biggest plot point was his family and they got literally killed. It was sweet to see how much he truly cared about them it was refreshing to say the least. the biggest downside I had with Rex could have gone in the Rex and Noah part but I don't want to ruin their realtionship colum. Rex wants Noah to be and act a certian way he wants Noah to hate his ex which he kinda does, but the doesn't change the fact that he loved him at some point. He wants Noah to act like he had no feelings for him. All while he wants to bascially erase everything Noah did in his past becuase it doens't live up to his expections of how he saw Noah. That could be written as a really intersting part in his development but I don't really feel like he changed I feel like it they just stop mentioning it. But he does end up loving Noah from himself. It just takes some time.  Sex There a lot of sex here and I normally don't care and can read things and just you know feel nothing, but it's a lot. Part of that is because of the drugs that Noah's ex boyfriend forced him to take. But there was this one part that I just had to skip and it was a whole chapter like, no thanks. It was always related to Noah's ex as he was trying to find someone to replace him and stuff but I just couldn't look at it.  Noah's ex  Not going to lie after calling him Noah's ex I lowkey forget his name starts with a K. Anyway he a little sick fellow. I do feel like his biggest issue is that he was hurt and felt like he couldn't trust anyone and apart of me wants to feel bad for him but he's really crazy, and the thing is Noah truly loved him he was willing to be his ride and die but he really just ignored a lot of love Noah gave him. It was like he loved him back but he didn't take any of a Noah dreams and plans sersioulsy. Like he was like poor people am I right in front of him after he just said I want to just leave violence or something. like no wonder he left. He also kept drugging to make sure that he didn't leave him. Super toxic. I feel like at the end of the day he did need someone to stay and bare through his abandonment issues but the way he treated people just aint something anyone should have to take. Thus he kinda derseve to be alone. I gave him a whole section because I feel like he was such a big part of the story and I just kept thinking about him so thus this was created.  Overall Trap City is great is has a lot of dark and deep themes it talks about a lot of things. I feel maybe the relationship was a bit rushed at times but I never felt like they were saying or doing things that were odd. I think the main reason it feel fast is because it's fairly short read. So it seems like things just happen at a fast pace. Despite everything and if you didn't want to read it all because it was long which I get. Trap City is worth the read. It makes the charactes their own and it was really fun I felt a lot of emotions reading this and I don't regret it. The art wasn't really my cup of tea but it  grown on me and it was still really pretty to look at at some parts of the story. The charcters are what kept me reading but the story is so extecing at times like you get worreid people are actually about to die at that dinner party. 

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