Tramps Like Us

Alt title: Kimi wa Pet

Vol: 14; Ch: 82
2000 - 2005
4.246 out of 5 from 703 votes
Rank #1,499
Tramps Like Us

Iwaya Sumire is a highly-educated, well-respected and young journalist at a major newspaper - though her social success can't stop her boyfriend of five years from dumping her for a less-educated woman. One day, as she's fuming over her lost relationship, Iwaya comes across a young man in desperate need for food. On a whim, she takes him to her home and feeds him, deciding to let him stay in exchange for becoming her "pet." With him at her side, Iwaya takes on love and life.

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MMaru's avatar
MMaru Feb 1, 2013
Score 9/10

Absolutely loved this series!  I picked it up after one of my best friends had started reading it and was getting rid of her copies.  I thought it would just be something to pass the time, nothing that I would really commit to, but I ended up loving it.  The premise is kind of goofy, but it ends up working into a beautifully-crafted storyline.  I really connected with Sumire, who was so... read more

Szwagier's avatar
Szwagier Oct 17, 2009
Score 8/10

When I first read the description I was pretty reluctant to read it. I mean let's face it - single woman finding a bishounen in a cardboard box, and deciding to keep him as her pet sounds like some cheap smut scenario.  But it had "josei" tag,  so I decided to give it a shot (josei and seinen turns out to be at least good, most of the time). And it was damn worth it time.Story - 8/10First of... read more



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