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Tower of God
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Oct 1, 2014

I keep saying Ill keep it short, Im rather lazy :)
But since there is no synopsis I will spend some more time on that.

Everyone lives, eats and works in The Tower of God. Those who can fight their way to the top through the monsters and passed the other contestants can achieve everything they desire. So what do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? What ever you desire, that is here. Tower of God.

The Tower of God is the world and that there is no 'outside' but despite that there is Baam who has lived his entire live beneath the tower, alone in the darkness. Till one day a girl named Rachel fell down the roof. Rachel taught him to speak, read, play games, everything. Baam couldnt be happier but Rachel wanted to escape the darkness. Baam begs her to stay but she insists to break into the tower to fullfill her wish to see the stars. Once again alone in the darkness Baam decides to break into the tower, catch up with Rachel and try to convince her to return with him.

Follow Baam meeting new friends, experiences everything for the first time and trying to hide his past and the fact he entered the tower illegally while he battles to climb the tower.

The Tower of God has a great story, which slowly keeps on picking up momentum. Everything is easy to follow despite the many characters and the many facets of the tower and its inhabitants. Do note that this is part 1 of the manga so the story slowly builds up to a large cliffhangar / open ending. I recommend to read part 2 aswell, it is better and will answer your questions from part 1.

The backgrounds are good but the characters not that great, however the manga keeps on improving itself and the fact that this is a full colour manga makes up for alot. So it is a matter of getting used to at the start because the story is the main focus in this manwha. Also when you compare the later chapters with the first you can see some great progress. And if you compare the second season with the first season it is almost incomparable.

There are a whole bunch of them, really alot, and the author likes to joke around by putting in some gender benders so you keep wondering if you are looking at a guy or a girl. But there are alot of great characters. Baam the lead character start out relative weak but he keeps on getting stronger towards the end. Koon is the brain of the entire operation and still has a somewhat mysterious background and Rak is just Rak, the love-able giant alligator.

A highly enjoyable manga, I definitely recommend you to read this!

8.5/10 story
7.5/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Apr 25, 2014



If you had to describe Tower of God with one word, it would be presence. Never in my life have I read such an attention grabbing epic that has left me so many sleepless nights. In fact I do not think I have been this enthralled since I started reading Pokémon Adventure Special around a year ago.

Story: 9.7/10

The best thing about Tower of God is how smoothly it introduces characters and also how well the plot flows. The story boils down to following our main character Baam as he meets new friends on his quest to reach the top of the tower. The plot actually borrows a lot from old fairytales and other stories but does such a good job making it seem so unique. The story keeps pinning Baam against impossible odds but due to his teammates and later on his own effort, he is able to keep moving forward. I can safely say that there is no dull moment between chapter 1-78. It is however not the greatest story in existence but does an amazing job at keeping your attention.

Only negative thing I can think of that relates to the user experience when putting the plot in mind is of course part one ends on a huge cliffhanger (which gets resolved in season two of the series). The manhwa as of 4/24/2014 is ongoing.

Art: 7.3/10

This is a webcomic that is fully in color. I give the artist props for this but some of the scenes are a little sloppy and generic looking. There are though a lot of great looking stand-out moments especially during action scenes. The character models look really appealing as well. Stand-outs are Rak, Yuri, and of course the beautiful Androssi. There is however a hike in artwork quality towards the end of season one.

Want to point out that in the sequel of this manga the artwork is pretty stunning.

Characters: 10/10

The characters are why the manhwa is as enthralling as it is. They provided so many memorable moments of character progression, plot twists, and rivalries. The chemistry between all of the main cast was very spot on and showed in the final chapters of part one's conclusion. It is the events in part one that set the tone for what is to happen in part two.

Overall: 9/10

Overall you might have gripes with some of the artwork but the story and characters are top notch. I cannot believe how interested I was into the story as I read from chapter 1 all the way to the updated chapter in part 2. If you are looking for the next great action/adventure manga, give this webcartoon a try. You will not regret it.

Enjoyment: ∞/10

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Awesome Drummer

9.7/10 story
7.3/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jan 8, 2020

If you want a spoiler-free opinion, skip to the conclusion.

First of I want to say that I am a huge fan of the tower setting, that is also the only reason I made it past the first arc. In the end, it didn't manage to influence my opinion though.
This story is insanely overhyped even though it seems to target an audience between 6 to 14 years.
The plot of this story is based around our MC climbing the tower to follow a certain person while overcoming trials on the way.


The art is okay, the artist didn't put much effort into making the drawings better than they have to be.
He did draw some details that are sometimes forgotten in other mangas though.

The tower has a set of rules and tests to filter the climbing regulars.
What we can see during the story is that those rules don't matter at all, the people who already climbed the tower and other randoms just do whatever they want. The so-called guardians of floors are the absolute rulers of each floor but they actually never do anything.
There will be a lot of people taking tests on higher floors that couldn't even be there because they are just not qualified(too weak or stupid), those people are only people you could find on floor 1.
A lot of times people say they NEED to do this or that but we never see a reason why, like "you need to run a marathon or you can't sit on a toilet" that kind of nonsense.
There is a lot more nonsense going on in the story but I won't bother to write it all.

Now here comes the worst of all, the characters.
I reached up to 200 hundred chapters into the story and what I got from that is that nothing about the personality of Lahel/Rachel makes any sense, she literally does the worst action to achieve her(so far) senseless goal for which she needs to reach the top of the tower.
Every single character always acts with the plot, there are no decisions made because of the bit of personality some have.
We can best see that on the MC where character development is hinted but he always acts contrary to his personality when it matters.

I only mentioned about 10 percent of the major flaws I noticed.

Every bad aspect of the manga only gets worse the more the story progresses, I only expect a story to follow its own logic but here it really feels like the author at some point started writing the story on the fly while not even remembering the previous chapter.

2/10 story
6/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Aug 28, 2013

Well since this is my favorite read so I had to review it and with that being said let's jump right in!

A webtoon Manhwa by SIU which most would overlook,but well worth a read and here's why

STORY: An interesting read even though it touches on a lot of what a shounen reader will be fimiliar with (journeying with friends,powering up,etc) but none of it is used excessively and with a new spin on old concepts it feels pretty fresh.

ARTThe art is a little rough but nice to look at and pretty original while being drawn well,especially for fight scenes.the only downsides I have with the art is it can be gender neutral with  a few characters which had me guessing who was male and female.

CHARACTERS:The characters are where the Manhwa really shines as there's a large cast  of characters to love and hate with plenty of variety in each characters personality,and once their backstorys are fleshed out more I can only see this becoming even more enjoyable.

OVERALL: This is a wonderful read if you like a story with a clever plot,plot twists,action,depth,a wide array of characters and a look at the human condition without being too much of the above then you're in luck,ToG won't disappoint. And so whether you desire wealth,power,glory or something that surpasses all others,be sure to stop by and say hello to Headon-Nim.

8/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Apr 11, 2020

  (Sorry for any grammar mistake)


Art is a bit bad at Season 1, but improved greatly at Season 2 but somehow the transision or minor things in Season 3 decrease its quality.. maybe because every Author only have 1 week of deadline so that's why I guess the art decrease it's quality although not drastic..

Somehow atmosphere in Tower of God is lacking a soul. I don't know but it feels gloomy to me, the setting is fantasy world but the world is lacking any world building details. For example like all the place we see, we only have empty ally, empty hallways, empty open space, empty sky, even inside airspace its empty without tech and furnitures. I heard by fans this webtoon has a strong point in World Building, but I don't see any good points from it. Compared to another webtoons or some mangas they have detailed drawing so the places looks really alive and lifely.



I have a mixed feeling about Bam as a main character, I'm actually pretty fine at first in Season 1 and Season 2. But at the end of Season 2, I noticed that he is somewhat a boring character.. he is somewhat like a passive character, it's hard to explain.. it's  similar like he is not a type of person who speaks very much. At first it crossed in my mind maybe he is a bit psyco because his obsession with Rachel, I mean he really chase her down at the end of the world and wants to dragged her down to his cave despite meeting new good friends and somehow endanger them. If he wants something he has to get it.

About MC powers, I really hope he will have a drawback or negative effect from absorbing too many powers. He needs powercheck in Season 3 cause he increased his level abnormally compared to his peers and gain something with minimal efforts.

Side Character

ToG have interesting character but, the downside is it has too many characters... I mean a lot of sidecharacters only introduced for 1 ark, after that,Author kind of ditched them and make us forgot about them. So, many side characters actually don't have any significant role at all it's better if they don't get introduced at all. I currently read at Season 3 and look, I forgot most of Bam's companion because they are left behind and we will never see them again. (Small example. What's up with Anaak revenge right now? Where is she? Ahh what about glassess girl and big guy from Wangnan's team? Are they forgotten? What's about Leeso's old team? Like Verdi or whatever her name is. Why bother introduced them only for 1 ark and then dissapeared??

Because of too many characters, Author also don't have a good time to develop their characters for example like Androssi/Endorsi. She seems important for season 1 but at season 2 she is only for a driver teleporting people around. She is wasted, I heard from spoiler she will have an important role in Zahard's Princesses Ark far in Season 3 but boii it's actually shows us Author have a bad style developing their characters. Another ones when Bam crying hysterically hearing Jinsung Ha is dead I don't feel any emotion at all, that's because we rarely see any interaction from this character so that's why I don't feel the connection. 


The story it self is good, I like the concept of survival game in floor test but it's sad we rarely see them anymore. It's focus point now about how to take Zahard down. So floor test and climbing the tower is not important anymore. Ahh using strategy, weapons and items also not important anymore for combat its  quite sad.

I think sometimes Author forget some details, for example like in Season 2 after when Bayrold Yama sent his faithful regular dogs helping Rachel to revive White in Hell Train we don't see any interaction at all between Yama and White 🤔.

Nevertheless its still entertaining story 

7/10 story
8/10 art
5.5/10 characters
7/10 overall