Tower of God - Part 2

Alt title: Sinui Tap - Part 2

Ch: 337
2012 - 2019
4.383 out of 5 from 5,414 votes
Rank #95
Tower of God - Part 2

The second season of Tower of God.

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I cant say alot about the story as it will reveal spoilers, especially if you havent read part 1 yet, so this review will be very short. But there is not much to say anyways, part 1 was already great and part 2 continues this. StoryPart 2 starts with Ja Wangnan who is taking the test on floor 20, he has failed this test many times and this is his last chance. When he takes the test for the final time he meets Jyu Viole Grace, a dangerous and very powerfull young man wearing the cape of a notorious criminal gang. Will Ja Wangnan be able to pass the test or, in the worst case scenario, will he be killed by this mysterious young man? When comparing Part 2 with Part 1 the story has improved and there are still many secrects out there yet to be discovered. The story was a slow in the middle during the Workshop Battle arc and the Hell Train arc (around chapter 100-150) but after chapter 150 the story has been in full throttle. The amount of action has greatly increased in the later half making ToG a real power fantasy. This does mean it has less games like part and and is a sort of DBZ like non stop power up party, but for me personally it has kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Like part 1 the art is in full colour, In my review of part 1 I mentioned that the art wasn`t that good but it slowly kept on improving itself. The art has continued to improve itself in part 2, when you compare the art of the latest chapters with the first chapters in part 1 you can see significant differences, some later chapters were really amazing to look at and SIU kept on raising the qualities bar every arc. CastPart 1 had a large cast but in part 2 the cast has been tripled if not more. Because of the size of the cast the characters won`t get alot of screentime. Despite that there is still enough of growth in the main cast and the more important teammembers. And very important, the huge cast does not clutter the story, you can still follow the story with relative ease.  Part 1 - Part 2- 8,5 --- 9,0 - Story- 7,5 --- 9,0 -- Art- 8,0 --- 9,0 - Characters- 8,7 --- 9,0 -- Overall enjoyment If you havent read this manga yet you should definitely start with reading!

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