Touch Within the Abyss

Alt title: Kimi no Yoru ni Fureru

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2021 - 2022
4.437 out of 5 from 718 votes
Rank #32
Touch Within the Abyss

Chinatsu, a hitman, meets his destiny again. His name is Kasumi. He was the boy who reached out to Chinatsu when he lost his brother in front of his eyes. A few years later, Chinatsu rescues Kasumi from a snatcher by chance. Kasumi is blind, and Chinatsu can’t leave him alone in the street… although he knows he shouldn’t get close to him, the distance between them gets shorter day by day… A story of redemption, in which two young men trapped in darkness slowly soothe each other’s loneliness.

Source: ShuCream

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