Touch My Little Brother and You're Dead

Ch: 41+
2021 - ?
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Touch My Little Brother and You're Dead

One day, I woke up as Rosalite, the older sister of Asterion in the novel, “Asterion of the Twilight.” I may not be the main character, but it’s not so bad. Rosalite’s little brother, though, is fated to die in the story at 20 and that just seems really unfair after all the drama he’s been through (did I mention his story is a BL?). Now that I’m Rosalite, I decide to save him. But no matter how hard I try, he just keeps dying and every time he dies, I turn back into 16-year-old Rosalite. Ten or so deaths later, I’m more determined than ever to save him. Rich, royal, or sexy foreigner: whoever touches my little brother will die!

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Pure chaos. AND IT’S AMAZING. (This review may contain a few possible spoilers.) The story is about Rosalite who’s stuck in a loop, reincarnating again to when she was 16 every time her younger brother, the ML of the novel she originally reincarnated in, dies somehow. The plot of this manhwa is one different from all that I’ve seen before and it’s so refreshing, mainly because of how the FL is leading it. One of the few manhwas that made me laugh almost every chapter, and would definitely reread again. Plot twists that are included in this are to live for, and you would least expect them to occur. The FL doesn’t give a shit about elegance whatsoever, her goal is to survive, and make sure her younger brother stays alive in order to do that. Strong character and resolve, she depends on herself and her knowledge to figure out a way to survive by using what she has. The main characters are all unique and have their own characteristics, the randomness in their character and how they react to situations is GOLD. The FL tried a different method to survive in all her lives, the ways she meets her end in each and what she does to not die are all entertaining in their own way. The father-daughter and lady-knight relationship that is mentioned in this is hilarious, it makes you feel close to the characters because of their bonds in different areas. The mutual feeling of friendship, hatred, love, loyalty, and respect that is shown between different characters, and the way they treat each other regardless of status and social standing is so wholesome and entertaining. Honestly the FL is relatable, she does exactly what I would have done if I was stuck with that trash situation, which makes her so likeable to me. Around her 12th-20th lives it’s nice that it’s shown how her mental state was after all what's happened to her; tired out, exhausted, and filled with rage. Almost giving up on everything because no matter how many times she tries her brother keeps dying, until she found the “key” to stop the loops so she tries again. Not to mention, the art is gorgeous, you can easily tell how the characters are feeling just from their facial expressions and the way they portray their emotions. The quality is high and very pleasing for the eye, you can tell the characters from each other because they each have unique facial features. Background may be plain but the character designs and scenario definitely make up for it, you wouldn’t even notice it unless you pay close attention. If you're trying to find some emotional healing stories then this manhwa isn’t for you, but if you're trying to find something to make you roll on the ground laughing, this manhwa is filled with silly funny scenes that can fill to that craving. I’ve enjoyed every second of reading this, looking forward to the upcoming chapters and seeing how this mess will end. 

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