Touch Me, Tease Me: Childhood Friends Turned Frisky Coworkers

Alt title: Ijimete Hoshiitte Kao Shiteru: Osananajimi to Midareru Office Sex

Ch: 2
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Touch Me, Tease Me: Childhood Friends Turned Frisky Coworkers

"You got off just from my fingers? Even though it's your first time...? You're so naughty." It's been three years since I entered this company, and now I finally have a staff of my own! The bad news, however, is that the new guy is my younger childhood friend!! To make matters worse, he's the boy who always used to tease me...! Thinking those days were long gone, I stupidly let my guard down the moment the two of us are alone, granting him the perfect opportunity to come up to me and say, "I'm gonna tease you again!!" I immediately quip back by telling him we're not kids anymore, but he suggests we "find out if I've become an adult or not by removing my clothes! As he firmly grabs my chest and skillfully uses his fingers, I start to feel my very core tingle with excitement. As I'm slowly worked up into a blind frenzy... I can't help wanting him to bully me even more...!

Source: Renta!

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