Totally Captivated

Alt title: Wanjeon Mukyeolhage Saro Japhida

Vol: 6; Ch: 49
2005 - 2009
4.275 out of 5 from 888 votes
Rank #1,373
Totally Captivated

After Ewon was dumped by his lover Jiho for cheating on him, the man would do anything to get him back – even if it means agreeing to work as a lackey for Jiho's new boyfriend: Mookyul, a gorgeous, notorious and aggressive gangster! But what's a boy to do when his boss becomes totally captivated and wants Ewon for his own?

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VampGirl's avatar
VampGirl Oct 24, 2014
Score 9/10

Story: Its about a guy named Ewon Jung who gets dumped by his partner Jiho Shin after cheating on him.
As revenge Jiho makes him work for the mafia, and his new boss is Mookyul Eun.
Plenty of love and drama in this manga if you ask me.
  Art: The art style is acceptable, but could have been better. Characters: Ewon Jung: Is a cute uke and you fall in love with his personality. Mookyul... read more

Ginax's avatar
Ginax May 12, 2019
Score 10/10

Wel, i have read many Boys love manga but this manga is the my most favourite one.   This story about a guy Ewon jung who fall in love with a gang boss mookyul Eun during working. Actually the gang boss mookyul was in love with ewon since childhood dince ewon words made him to survive this cruel world by encouraging him. Their lots of emotions, misunderstang, actions and crazy loves of mookyul for... read more



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