Toshishita Kareshi ni Semararetemasu.

Vol: 5
2014 - 2018
3.66 out of 5 from 33 votes
Rank #20,092
Toshishita Kareshi ni Semararetemasu.

Manaka keeps on falling for straight men and gets dumped as a result. One night after the last train, he fell asleep drunk on a bench on the train platform. He was then woken up by one of the staff members at the train station, Ogi. And he’s known, in private, as the “Prince of the Train Station” by many, a total lady-killer (and is probably straight too). As such, he has become Manaka’s target for his one-sided love. Truth is he confessed his feelings to Ogi when he was drunk that night. And Ogi replied with a kiss and said, “I like you too”. But Manaka thinks that that was all just a dream. Will he ever realize that that was not a dream at all?! It’s definitely hard to be in a relationship with a younger man. A train station themed love affair between a good-looking train station officer and a stubborn designer will set off now!

Source: MU

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