Tosca no Inu

Alt title: Dogs of Tosca

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
3.686 out of 5 from 235 votes
Rank #18,551
Tosca no Inu

Will it hurt or will it feel good? The Kuroda clans and Kirigaya clans are rival yakuza gangs that control parts of the Kanto region. A certain incident leads to a volatile situation between the two groups. Tomoya Nishida, the second in command of the Kirigaya clan, who wants to avoid the conflict at all costs, makes a proposition to Fuyushi Kuroda. The price is his own body. In order to keep his mouth shut, Nishida offers his body to Fuyushi as if to seduce him, but... In the world of men with moral code, tactics and pleasure intersect! 

Source: MU

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