Tora Kiss: A School Odyssey

Vol: 4; Ch: 24
2012 - 2014
3.814 out of 5 from 572 votes
Rank #5,784
Tora Kiss: A School Odyssey

18 years ago, a powerful monument was discovered on a mysterious island. The momument contained data only certain people could extract – who became students of the island’s school. By being able to extract the data, the students are able to summon a creature that they fight with. Of these people, Satou Taketora is your typical lazy kid who doesn’t do anything, hence he’s ranked dead last. But one day, he’s dragged into a battle with his old childhood friend, and to everyone’s surprise… his summon is more than meets the eye…

Source: MU

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venushkafdo Nov 16, 2015
Score 9/10

to me this manga is just 1 in 5 or 10 manga i read soo far but this is The best i read rede and enjoy this is a grate one  read more



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